Pray Faithfully, Fervently, and Frequently

By November 11, 2016Blog, Leadership

In the last week it seems like we could not get away from the elections. We just had one of the bitterest campaign seasons in history that has resulted in a deeply divided electorate. I feel that in the wake of this election it’s a good time to talk about prayer.

Did you pray before you voted for God to give your wisdom and discernment on who you voted for? Regardless of who is in office and who you voted for, are you praying for them? They are the leader of our country and not only impact your life, but millions of others. I pray everyday for the President, members of Congress, the Supreme Court, our Generals, Federal judges, our government leaders, our Governor, our state legislator, state judges, and local elected officials. I choose not to rely on mortals, but leaders ordained from God. I encourage you to get past the politics and division that exists and regardless of you support, pray for those in charge!

I started this blog by talking about praying for our countries leaders because of the recent election. However, I pray for a lot more than just our leaders, and it has changed my life.

Pray Faithfully, Fervently, and Frequently by Greg Furer

Pray Faithfully, Fervently, and Frequently by Greg Furer

Roughly about a year ago I got a letter in the mail from the pastor at my church.  The letter came during a very stressful time in both my wife and my lives.  The letter told us that when he was called to our congregation, he made a promise to himself and God, that he would pray over five members of his congregation every single week. When he does this, he sends out a letter letting each member of the congregation know that he’s praying for them. During this week he asks is there are any requests that they’d like him to pray for specifically, to contact him. That letter could not have come at a better time in my life.  There was no doubt that it was part of God’s plan that we would receive that letter the day that we did. I still have that letter, to this day, framed in my office, and will keep it for the rest of my life because of how much it meant to me. 

Once I saw the power of that letter in my life, I realized I needed to make a change. I needed to start praying for others regularly, which ultimately transformed not only the way I do business, but also my life I started selecting five of my clients and praying over them each day for a week. I had always prayed for my clients in a general sense, but I didn’t individually say their names or pray about life situation.  So, I started praying intentionally over five clients per week and letting them know that I’m praying for them. Doing this has changed the way I view my client, the way I run my business, and has impacted the lives of my clients.

I highly encourage you to do the same for your business.  Put it on your calendar every Monday morning and pray over five of your customers, clients, colleagues, or anyone you work with.  Pray over your business; try it.  It will transform the way you do business, it will transform your life, but most importantly, it will impact others, because the power of prayer can move mountains.  

When you pray over people, you do not know just how much God will bless their lives and how much they may have needed that prayer.  

A general rule is to pray Faithfully, pray Frequently and pray Fervently!  When you pray to God, you’re submitting to the will of God. You are no longer relying on your own way, but you’re relying on God’s way.  Don’t only commit to praying over your clients, but commit to making prayer part of your every move in business. Commit your business to God, pray for guidance before each decision, and pray that God will lead.

I’d be interested in hearing from others that have incorporated prayer into their business life and how it’s impacted their lives or the lives of people around them. Please tell your story in the comments below.

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