I believe God puts unique dreams into every leader’s heart. I believe He also equips us to fulfill those dreams by planting specific gifts and talents within us. It is our responsibility as leaders to develop those abilities and carry out the vision for our lives.

I believe every leader is called to create. Creating is bringing into existence something that didn’t exist before. Don’t confuse creativity with a gift or talent. Don’t assume creativity is only a domain of the arts, or that launching something new is only for entrepreneurs. We are all created in the image of God and He is creative. Creativity, therefore, runs through our veins. There are different measures, but we are all creative, and we are all called to uniquely bring something to this world.

Every Leader Should Be Launching

Every Leader Should Be Launching

L3 Leadership is designed to help leaders launch and set into motion the dreams in their heart. We desire to come alongside leaders and give them confidence, resources, a support system, and a community, (and sometimes a kick in the butt!) to go out into the world and accomplish their purpose and make a difference.

Every year in January we require our mastermind groups to set their top ten goals. It is always my favorite night of the entire year. We go around and share our biggest dreams and visions and set a timetable to accomplishing them. It fires me up! I believe that big goals honor God because they require you to stretch your faith, and greater faith pleases God! Not only are goals statements of faith, but goals also focus your energy and build your character. Rick Warren said this about goal-setting: “You will either go through life by design or by default.You will either set goals and decide what’s important for your life, or other people will decide it for you.”

“You will either go through life by design or by default.' -Rick Warren Click To Tweet

Throughout the year we encourage the L3 community to keep goal and dream journals, and together we help one another launch out, take next steps, overcome challenges, hold each other accountable, and celebrate together in the successes and lessons learned in the failures. Here are just a few things that our L3 community has set out to launch this year:

  • Author books
  • Start or grow businesses
  • Join boards of companies
  • Design new products
  • Give a TedTalk or public speeches
  • Adopt or foster children
  • Grow their families, marriages, and relationships
  • Develop healthy lifestyles and help others do the same
  • Write songs
  • Cultivate deeper faith
  • Become debt-free
  • Learn another language
  • Develop websites

My desire is that L3 Leadership would be a community of leaders that creates! I long to see leaders stepping out with urgency, with boldness, and with passion in their hearts to fulfill their unique purpose. I believe every leader should be launching, every leader should be taking action, and every leader should be hustling and doing.

This is a challenge to all leaders to learn to solve problems. Get creative in finding and being a solution! Discover needs and meet them. Give expression to what’s in your heart and what you are passionate about. Write a book, create a podcast, grow a business, or design a product. Keep a dream journal and go after it! Do something. Take just one step to create. You may discover there are gifts and talents in you that you didn’t even know existed.

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