Episode #108: Question and Answer with Lee Kricher and Jason Howard [Podcast]

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This L3 Leadership episode comes to you from our breakfast series. We had Lee Kricher and Jason Howard, Pastors of Amplify Church, speak on Living out Leadership Transitions. Lee is in the process of handing off the church to Jason. They talk about what their relationship looks like, mentoring, how they are processing the transition, and practical tips for anyone looking to pass the baton to the next generation. In this episode, you’ll hear their Q&A session from the breakfast. In episode #107, you can listen to their talk on Living out Leadership Transitions.

Questions Asked:

1.) How do you work through generational differences?
2.) Jason, what gave you the courage to tell Lee you wanted to plant a church? Lee, what enabled you to allow him to do it?
3.) How do you deal with fear and inadequacy?
4.) When did you know Jason would be your successor? How did you know?
5.) What will your relationship look like after the transition?
6.) How do you find spiritual mentors?
7.) How do you know whether or not to continue to be faithful and loyal to a leader or organization vs. going out and starting your own?
8.) How did you turn your church around?

Episode #108: Question and Answer Session with Lee Kricher and Jason Howard

Lee Kricher & Jason Howard (2)Lee’s Bio:

Lee Kricher has 36 years of experience in Pastoral Ministry and Leadership Development. His dual career gives him a unique perspective on how to apply proven leadership principles in the church. He has earned a Master’s degree from Fuller Theological Seminary and an MBA from the University of Pittsburgh.

Lee is currently the Senior Pastor of Pittsburgh East Community Church, the church which hefounded with his wife, Linda.  He became Senior Pastor of the church for the second time in 2003.  At that time, weekend church attendance was under 200 and the average age of attendees was approximately 50 years old.  Lee set out to transform the church into a “Next Generation” church implementing major organizational change from staffing to succession planning. Currently weekend attendance is over 1200 and the average age of attendees has dropped by approximately 15 years.

Prior to returning to the ministry, Lee was the Executive Coaching Practice Leader for Linkage, Inc., an international executive development firm.  He also served as Vice President of Leadership Development for Development Dimensions International (DDI), one of the largest leadership consulting firms in the world.  During his years with Linkage and DDI, Lee developed expertise in the areas ofexecutive coaching and leadership team development.  He is a Master Coach who not only coaches Executives and Executive Teams, but also certifies others as leadership coaches.

Lee’s clients have included the Federal Judicial Center, Scientific Atlanta, Citrix Systems, Sanofi-Aventis, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Baptist Health Systems, University of Kentucky, Ernst & Young, General Motors, Pitney Bowes, Moen, NASA, Dow, Chick-fil-A, K. Hovnanian, Caterpillar, Celebration Health, Yves Roche and NIKE.  He recently spoke at North Point Community Church’s DRIVE Conference on the topic of church transformation.

Connect with Lee:

Jason’s Bio:

Jason Howard is the Lead Pastor of Amplify Church, Pittsburgh City.  In addition, Jason provides oversight to the entire creative process at all Amplify Church campuses, from the worship department to service programming. He is a graduate of Hillsong International Leadership College and Fuller Theological Seminary. Jason and his wife, AJ, are also the proud parents of their three children, Katia, Daniil, and London, who were all adopted internationally.

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