#245: How to Get a Meeting with Anyone

By March 9, 2020Podcast

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You are one relationship away from changing your destiny – how will you plan accordingly? By being intentional with your networking strategy, you can open doors to meetings with leaders you never thought you’d ever have the opportunity to be in the same room with. With the right approach, you have an even greater opportunity to transform your one-time coffee meeting into a long-term mentoring relationship.

In today’s episode, I share how to score meetings with anyone, including those at the top of your bucket list. I discuss how to bring a unique proposition to every meeting and add value to the leader sitting at the other end of the table. I also highlight how to show each leader you meet with that you truly know and value who they are, and make yourself unforgettable in their eyes as a result.

“You attract who you are, not what you want.” – Doug Smith 

Today on the L3 Leadership Podcast:

  • The impact that relationships can have on your professional trajectory
  • One of the most important personal growth principles to consider if you want to spend time with leaders
  • Why it is so essential to build your credibility as a leader
  • The importance of balancing expectations with gratitude
  • How to get started with creating your own bucket list
  • A key question to ask at the end of every meeting you have
  • How to effectively reach out and request a meeting with a leader
  • How approaching meetings with intentionality and showing respect for people’s time
  • Why you should research the person you are connecting with before the meeting
  • What to bring to your meetings and why you should take notes
  • The importance of following up with a thought-out thank you note
  • When, and under what conditions, you should ask for a second meeting

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