244: Becoming World Class Entrepreneurs, Marketers, and Event Planners with Kay and Shi

By March 2, 2020Podcast

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Sister entrepreneurs Kay and Shi are the owners of the Squeeze In Restaurant Group. The duo helped grow Squeeze In from a family restaurant into a national brand that serves millions of guests in 12 locations across four states and generates 10 million dollars in annual revenue.

L3 Leadership Podcast 244 Kay and Shi

L3 Leadership Podcast 244 Kay and Shi

Today, Kay and Shi join me to share their lives as entrepreneurs and the secrets to planning world-class events. They illustrate how they became part of the family business and explain how they evolved as the leaders that they are today. They also reveal the biggest mistakes first-time event planners make, as well as underscore the importance of visualizing an event from the perspective of an attendee. “Success requires support, community, cultivation, and mentorship.” – Shila Morris

Today on the L3 Leadership Podcast:

  • Developing leadership skills and why leaders are made and not born
  • How John Maxwell inspired Kay and Shi to become leaders and expand their business
  • The impact of focusing on people, systems, and efficiencies and how they helped scale Squeeze In
  • How Kay and Shi invest in their employees and why it’s difficult for smaller businesses to invest in people and culture
  • How Kay and Shi developed their marketing and event planning skills
  • How to organize and plan a world-class event and the importance of focusing on attendee experience
  • The biggest mistakes first-time event planners make
  • How to assess an organization’s marketing success
  • How Kay and Shi maintain work-life balance and avoid burnout

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