#243: Encore Episode: Wisdom on Life and Leadership from Clint Hurdle, Former Manager of the Pittsburgh Pirates

By February 24, 2020Podcast
Today, Clint joins me to share the life and leadership philosophies he has developed throughout his sports management career. Clint highlights his belief in the importance of honesty, transparency, and open communication when working with others and the role of faith and service in his life. Clint also discusses why we tend to resonate more with failure than success and how to use setbacks along the journey to propel us towards more ambitious goals.

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Clint Hurdle is the former manager of the Pittsburgh Pirates, a position he held for nine seasons, earning him the title of NL Manager of the Year in 2013. Before working with the Pirates, Clint managed the Colorado Rockies and helped them achieve the 2007 National League pennant. Clint formerly played baseball for the Kansas City Royals along with the Cincinnati Reds, St. Louis Cardinals, and New York Mets and was featured in Sports Illustrated in 1978.


L3 Leadership Podcast Episode #243: Clint Hurdle

L3 Leadership Podcast Episode #243: Clint Hurdle

“You model the behavior you want to instill in others.” – Clint Hurdle

Today on the L3 Leadership Podcast:

  • What Clint learned about leadership in transitioning from player to coach
  • What Clint feels is the “greatest separator,” the quickest way to build trust, and why boundaries within relationships are important
  • Putting truth, empathy, and humanity first, even in tough professional conversations
  • How to actively gain wisdom and the importance of finding your personal “why”
  • Why people tend to relate more to failure than excellence
  • The value of investing time in people and Clint’s philosophies on money and happiness
  • Clint’s views on praise, criticism, choices, consequences, and his “Mount Rushmore group”
  • What young leaders should know about failure and vulnerability
  • The importance of being present and doing one thing at a time

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