#246: How to Lead During Crisis

By March 15, 2020Podcast

In today’s episode, Laura and I share our thoughts on how to lead during times of crisis. Specifically we’ll be sharing how to leading through the Corona Virus epidemic. We believe that in times like this, it’s more important than ever to speak up and lead well.

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“Leadership is losing the right to think about yourself.” – Doug Smith 

Use this time to draw near to God, not near to fear.” – Doug Smith 

Today on the L3 Leadership Podcast:

  • Everyone is being effected by COVID-19, including L3 Leadership. We postponed our L3 One Day event with people’s best interest in mind.We are not just called to lead during good times.
  • It’s during the tough times that leaders are called to step up and shine.
  • During times of crisis, leaders speak up and provide hope.
  • In these moments of uncertainty, leaders need to act. Be a blessing to the people in need around you.
  • Leaders lead with others’ best interest in mind. Leadership is losing the right to think about yourself.
  • In crisis, leaders must get wisdom. It’s important to gather the facts and surround yourself with other likeminded leaders to help you make informed decisions. Get educated on what exactly is going on in your local area.
  • This is an amazing opportunity to love people. We need to be available for people and provide encouragement and support to those whom we lead.
  • We can make this a season where we are the most connected with people that we’ve ever been.
  • Lastly, we encourage you to be filled with faith and peace. Read, memorize and quote scripture. Fill your mind with the right things.


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