#238: L3 One Day Flashback: Saleem Ghubril: Leader, Are You for Real?

By January 20, 2020Podcast

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Saleem Ghubril is the Executive Director of The Pittsburgh Promise, a nonprofit organization that strives to strengthen the region’s urban youth, inspire systematic change, fund scholarships for post-secondary education, and empower a prepared and diverse regional workforce. Saleem is a passionate advocate for children and youth throughout Pittsburgh. In 1985, he founded The Pittsburgh Project, a community development organization dedicated to providing hundreds of vulnerable senior citizens each year with free home renovations by mobilizing thousands of young volunteers throughout the community. He is a volunteer co-pastor at the Mosaic Community Presbyterian Church and a member of the board for The Buhl Foundation, Vibrant Pittsburgh, and the World Affairs Council of Pittsburgh.

Today, I share a One Day Flashback of Saleem’s talk at the L3 Leadership Conference last year. Saleem shares the lessons he has learned about leadership from two children and two senior citizens. He explains why it’s important for leaders to see the radiance in every person they encounter, without qualifiers. He shares how he learned the importance of valuing the people around him and how he learned the value of dreaming big, setting big goals and high expectations, and living your life to be consistent with your words. He also shares why it’s important for leaders to become agents of healing, hope, and help for those within their communities and throughout the world.

“Words that bring healing, and bring hope, and bring help – leaders, we are the ones charged with that.” – Saleem Ghubril

Today on the L3 Leadership Podcast:

●      Saleem’s upbringing and experience with growing up in the Middle East
●      The power of seeing the light and ‘radiance’ – without qualifiers – in everyone we encounter
●      The importance of seeing the value of those around you
●      The power of dreaming big, setting big goals and high expectations, and demonstrating a life that is consistent with your words
●      How leaders are charged with becoming agents of healing, hope, and help in their communities and the world

Connect with Saleem Ghubril:

●      The Pittsburgh Promise
●      Twitter
●      LinkedIn

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