Pittsburgh Q&A with Bill Evanson, Senior Corporate Director at Pocket Nurse

By February 24, 2017Resource, Leadership Talk


  1. When you came to the company, you were tasked to take the company to the next level. What did you do to get buy-in from the team initially and start to actually take the company to the next level?
  2. How do you evaluate when it is time to stop pursuing a specific initiative or if you should continue to stay the course with the initiative?
  3. You get piched by sales people all the time. What advice do you have for sales people as you sit on the other side of the table from them?
  4. When you are starting to leading a team that isn’t very collaborative, what advice do you have to make them truely collaborative?
  5. Who are the most effective leaders? Naturally born leaders or grown leaders?
  6. When you are having difficulty with employees, how do you help them grow in their current position, move them to another one, or have the tough conversation to move them on?
  7. What do you do to grow and develop as a leader?
  8. What unique products does Pocket Nurse offer?