L3 Leadership Podcast Episode #149: Q&A with Matt Keller, Pastor of Next Level Church

By June 2, 2017Leadership, Podcast

In this episode, you’ll hear a Q&A session with Pastor Matt Keller from our recent L3 Leadership evening event. Here are the questions you’ll hear people ask Matt:

  • Do today, what saves time tomorrow, can you talk more about productivity?
  • What’s your most memorable failure that you’ve learned from?
  • When you’re trying to get honest feedback, how do you get people to be honest with you?
  • How do you give honest feedback?
  • When you get conflicting feedback, how do you decide which feedback to take?
  • How do you start giving back when you’re young?


L3 Leadership Podcast Episode #149- Q&A with Pastor Matt Keller

L3 Leadership Podcast Episode #149- Q&A with Pastor Matt Keller

L3 Leadership Podcast Episode #149- Q&A with Pastor Matt Keller

Matt’s Bio:

Matt Keller is a people builder at his core. With more than twenty years in the people business, he is an authority on what it takes to build great teams and a great organization.

Matt Keller is a Pastor, Author, Speaker and Leadership Coach. His insight on organizational and personal leadership helps businesses, nonprofits, and churches take their organizations to the next level.

Located in Fort Myers, Florida, Matt is the founder and leader of Next Level Church, one of the fastest growing churches in America. In addition, Matt leads NextLevelCoaching.tv, an organization for pastors and church leaders, and AdvanceLeadership.tv, a coaching organization that adds value to business leaders. His fast-paced, witty, humorous communication style will pull you in, inspire and challenge you to make the changes necessary to live up to your full potential.

Matt and his wife, Sarah, live in Southwest Florida with their two sons, Will and Drew. Although his love for Skittles remains, his preferred candy in this season is Reese’s cups.

Connect with Matt:


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