Episode 324: Pittsburgh Steelers Coach Mike Tomlin on the Power of Being a Listening Leader

By June 28, 2022Podcast

Pittsburgh Steelers Coach Mike Tomlin on the Power of Being a Listening Leader

In this episode of the L3 Leadership Podcast, Pittsburgh Steelers coach Mike Tomlin discusses ManUp, an annual conference in Pittsburgh that encourages men to maximize their impact in their home and community and raise awareness towards fatherlessness. He also talks about his career, sports, and his favorite leadership principles.

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“Listening is a skill.”- Mike Tomlin

4 Key Takeaways:

  1. Mike talks about ManUp and how it is relevant to him personally.
  2. He discusses balancing work and family.
  3. Mike shares his favorite sport outside of football.
  4. He talks about one leadership principle that he carries with him.

Resources Mentioned:

ManUp Pittsburgh
Urban Impact Foundation


About Mike: Mike Tomlin was named the 16th head coach in Pittsburgh Steelers history on January 22, 2007. Hired at the age of 34, Tomlin became only the third head coach hired by the Steelers since 1969. In his 14 seasons as head coach for the Pittsburgh Steelers, Tomlin has accomplished many things that have never been done in the team’s storied history. A franchise known for stability at the head coaching position, Tomlin ranks among the League’s longest-tenured active head coaches entering the 2021 season.

Mike also founded the ManUp conference 10 years ago in partnership with the Urban Impact Foundation.

Connect with Mike: 

Webpage | Facebook | Twitter

Quotes from the Episode:

“As leaders, we need to continually listen.” Click To Tweet
“Listening is a skill.”Click To Tweet
“Part of good leadership is being open to ideas.” Click To Tweet
“I’ll tolerate you until I can replace you.” Click To Tweet

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