382 Encore Episode: Sam Chand on Leadership Pain

By August 8, 2023Podcast

Sam Chand on Leadership Pain

In this episode of the L3 Leadership Podcast, we revisit one of our most downloaded podcast episodes, Doug’s interview with Sam Chand.

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“Idealism gets you into the arena.” – Sam Chand

3 Key Takeaways:
1. We tackle the intimate process of character development. Breaking it down into three steps: walking, standing, and sitting.
2. Dr. Chan underscores the importance of having truth-tellers and recognizing the perils of a path leading towards sin.
3. Sam details the crucial role relationships play in our leadership journeys.

About Sam Chand: Dr. Sam Chand serves Pastors, ministries and businesses as a Leadership Architect and Change Strategist. Dr. Sam Chand has served as senior Pastor, college President, Chancellor and President Emeritus.

He personally consults, mentors and coaches some of the country’s largest church Pastors, speaks regularly at leadership conferences, churches, corporations, Leadership Roundtables, Minister’s Conferences, seminars and other leadership development opportunities. He was named in the top-30 global leadership Gurus list.

His singular vision for his life is to Help Others Succeed. Dr. Sam Chand develops leaders through Leadership Consultations, Leadership Resources – books/CDs and Leadership Speaking. Leaders are using Dr. Sam Chand’s books as handbooks worldwide in leadership development.

Being raised in a pastor’s home in India has uniquely equipped Dr. Sam Chand to share his passion – that of mentoring, developing and inspiring leaders to break all limits – in ministry and the marketplace.

Quotes from the Episode:

'Raise the issue and ask the question.' - Sam ChandClick To Tweet
'Idealism gets you into the arena.' - Sam ChandClick To Tweet

Resources Mentioned:
Sam Chand’s Leadership Institute

Connect with Sam:
Website | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube


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