307: Jessica Jackley on Not Waiting for Permission to Change the World

By March 1, 2022Podcast

Jessica Jackley on Not Waiting for Permission to Change the World

In this episode of the L3 Leadership Podcast, Jessica shares how she found that the entrepreneur’s path was one for her and why she believes disruptive ideas can change the world.


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“You can work entrepreneurially in a large organization.”

– Jessica Jackley

6 Key Takeaways this week on the L3 Leadership Podcast:

  1. Jessica talks about how Kiva got its start and grew into the billion dollar company it is today. 
  2.  She gives advice to other people who have an interest in entrepreneurship.
  3. Jessica tells listeners what role her faith played in her path.
  4. She talks about her other endeavors outside of Kiva, including Profounder, Alltruists, and her newest venture, Untapped. 
  5. She shares how she is able to balance work and family and how her entrepreneurial path allows for her to be there for her family.
  6. Jessica tells us what she’s learned from having her platform.

Resources Mentioned:

About Jessica Jackley:

Jessica Jackley is an entrepreneur, investor and speaker. Over the last decade she has focused on financial inclusion, the sharing economy and social justice. She is also the founder of Alltruists and a co-founder of Untapped Capital. Jessica also co-founded Kiva, the first crowdfunding site for global microenterprises. Since 2005, Kiva has facilitated over $1.5B in loans worldwide. Jessica has an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business, a certificate in Global Leadership and Public Policy from the Harvard Kennedy School, a BA in Philosophy and Political Science from Bucknell University, and honorary PhDs from Centenary College and Quinnipiac University. She currently resides in Los Angeles with her husband, Reza, and their four children.


“You can work entrepreneurially in a large organization. -Jessica Jackley Click To Tweet
“To see what people do with so little is so empowering. -Jessica JackleyClick To Tweet
“There’s a lot of noise out there, I want to say things I need to say and that matter. -Jessica JackleyClick To Tweet



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