306: Aradhna Oliphant on Being Present, Work Life Balance, and Impacting Your Community

By February 22, 2022Blog, Podcast

Aradhna Oliphant on Being Present, Work Life Balance, and Impacting Your Community

Aradhna Oliphant is the President and CEO of Leadership Pittsburgh. During its 30-year history, leadership Pittsburgh has produced over 2,400 informed and engaged leaders and linked them with opportunities to help serve our region. Her impressive full biography can be found on the company’s website.


Today, Aradhna joins me to share her story. She talks about a leader’s responsibility to make an impact on their community, sharing concrete advice on how to do so. She discusses the topic of women in leadership, sharing her advice for them and for anyone who aspires to be a leader. She also offers her thoughts on work-life balance, especially when you’re raising kids.

“Be your best self….Take the time to see the potential in you, and believe in yourself, and do something with it. You are in charge. No one else is in charge of you.”

– Aradhna Oliphant

Key Takeaways this week on the L3 Leadership Podcast:

● A leader’s responsibility in their community

● Women in leadership

● Advice for aspiring leaders

● Work-life balance when raising a family

Resources Mentioned:

Leadership Pittsburgh

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