304: Our Vision, Mission, and Values

By February 8, 2022Blog, Podcast

The L3 Leadership podcast has been around for 304 episodes now, and it’s only one of the ways that L3 Leadership pursues its mission, vision, and values.

Today, I talk about L3 Leadership, sharing our story and explaining what we do. I talk about the vision of L3 Leadership and note the power of asking. I recognize my mentors and inspirations and tell what “L3” stands for. I share the five core values of L3 Leadership, as well as the four main actions we take to live those values. Finally, I share how you can get involved in L3 Leadership.

“We believe that everything gets better when a leader gets better.”

– Doug Smith

Key Takeaways this week on the L3 Leadership Podcast:

● Our story

● The mission, vision, and values of L3 Leadership

● How L3 Leadership works to make Pittsburgh famous for God

● The transformative power of leadership

● The five core values of L3 Leadership

● The power of community

● The power of a mastermind group

● How to get involved

Resources Mentioned:

L3 Leadership

L3 Leadership – Mastermind Groups

Pittsburgh Leadership Foundation

L3 One Day

● dougsmith@l3leadership.org

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