303: How to Write Songs that Deeply Impact People, Advice to Young Artists, and How to Use Your Platform to Make a Difference with Mark Schultz

By February 1, 2022Blog, Podcast

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Summary of Episode: 

Mark Schultz is a Christian artist who has sold over 1 million records. He has been nominated for numerous Dove Awards, winning his first at the 2006 Dove Awards. He has had over 13 Number 1 singles and has landed the top spot on Billboard’s Christian Adult Contemporary Songwriter List. Together, Mark and his wife, Kate, founded The Remember Me Mission, a non-profit dedicated to helping orphans all over the world. The Remember Me Mission has raised nearly 2 million dollars toward healthcare and education for orphans at home and abroad. Mark is the father of two adopted children and is also actively involved in his church.

In this episode, Mark tells us about his journey in being a successful Christian artist. He shares his process of songwriting, offers advice to young artists and discusses the importance of using your platform to give back.


6 Key Take-Aways

  1. He tells us about his early years in Nashville and how he became a well-known artist.
  2. His experience growing up as an adoptee and how that’s influenced his decision to adopt children of his own and has motivated him to help others. 
  3.  He talks about his process as a songwriter and gives advice to young musicians who are just getting started.
  4.  Mark discusses what storytelling means to him and how he uses it to reach people. 
  5. He talks about what he has learned from having his platform and the influence God has given him. 
  6. Mark also shares the importance of investing in family and being a Dad.

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