300: Top Lessons Learned in 2021 with Doug Smith

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Top Lessons Learned in 2021

At the end of each year, I do a year-end review, and at the beginning of the next year, I share what I learned from it. This year is no different. In this episode, I share the lessons I learned in 2021 in the categories of business, leadership, and building your platform and influence.

Today, I share my biggest lessons learned in the past year. I talk about the importance of intentionality, the power of journaling, and the five sources I learn from. I note the importance of boundaries. I discuss the power of a culture of feedback, and I posit that the purpose of leadership challenges is to make you hungry for God. I point out the responsibility of a leader to grow others, I explain why you should become a fan of your customers, and I note the power of making aggressive mistakes. I share my input on the hiring process, why you should send emails on Saturdays, and the dangers of making influence an idol. I note the places where pride tends to invade, and I call on you to trust God with your reputation.

“Be okay with being a small part of a big thing.”
– Doug Smith

Key Takeaways this week on the L3 Leadership Podcast:

● Your greatest lessons in life will come from the intentionality in which you live your life

● You must create a culture of providing feedback in your organization

● The challenges of leadership are meant to make you hungry for God

● Your sole job as a leader is to grow others

● Become fans of your customers

● Make aggressive mistakes

● If you wouldn’t work with someone for forever, don’t work with them for five minutes

● Send emails on Saturdays

● Be careful of making influence an idol

● Be okay with being a small part of a big thing

● Trust God with your reputation

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