#287: A Life Lived Well: Jay Passavant on Life and Leadership

A Life Lived Well: Jay Passavant on Life and Leadership

Jay Passavant was the founder of North Way Christian Community in Pittsburgh. The impact of his obedience to God’s call in his life to plant that church cannot be understated. He transformed our city, but his impact goes far beyond the walls of Pittsburgh as well. At Jay’s memorial service, my pastor said of him that he could have easily been a successful elected official or a CEO of a major corporation, and instead he chose to go all in on God’s call for him to start North Way, and that decision changed the world for so many people.

Today, you’ll hear a throwback conversation I had with Jay in 2013. In it, we talk about life and leadership. He shares his story and discusses the lessons he has learned from it, emphasizing the importance of family and legacy. He defines leadership and notes what it means to have a natural talent for it, additionally explaining why everybody has what it takes to be a leader, to an extent. He talks about his experience as Student Body President in college and shares what he learned from it.

“Leadership is cumulative…the more you exercise it, the stronger you become.” – Jay Passavant

“Failure as a leader is inevitable…I found that failure was an opportunity to learn to trust God in a new way with something that you may have thought you had down pat.” – Jay Passavant

Key Takeaways this week on the L3 Leadership Podcast:

● What it means to be a leader

● Why leadership involves natural talent

● Productivity and using your time well

● Balancing your family and your work

● How to respond to pain in your life

Mentioned Resources:

Henne Jewelers

Beratung Advisors

My Utmost for His Highest by Oswald Chambers

Destined for the Throne by Paul Billheimer

Don’t Waste Your Sorrows by Paul Billheimer

● The works of John Eldredge

Built to Last by Jim Collins

Good to Great by Jim Collins

● The works of Jack Hayford

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