#286: A Life Lived Well: Tunch Ilkin’s Story

A Life Lived Well: Tunch Ilkin’s Story

Tunch Ilkin played football for the Pittsburgh Steelers for many seasons before becoming a broadcaster for the team for the rest of his career. He spent 35 years serving homeless men, women, and children of Pittsburgh at Light of Life Rescue Mission. He was also on staff at the Bible Chapel, where he made a significant impact on countless men’s lives by leading their men’s retreat. He also raised an incredible family. Tunch’s top priority in life was fulfilling the plan that God had for him. It was the center of everything that he did, and through this mission, he impacted thousands upon thousands of people with his life. He lived an extraordinary life and has left behind an incredible legacy. Once you met and interacted with Tunch Ilkin, your life was never the same.

Today’s episode is a throwback to a conversation I had with Tunch in 2013. In it, Tunch shares his story, his thoughts on leadership, and a lot more. He talks about what it means to be a mentor and a servant leader and notes the role of humility in these pursuits, pointing to the best examples he’s seen. He shares the story of how he came to Christ and talks about the power of the fact that, although we can’t earn our salvation, God gives it to us freely anyway. He shares the experience of converting to Christianity from Islam and offers his biggest message to men. He also talks about the power of accountability and what is required to be an accountability partner.

“I’m not the brightest guy in the room, but I can be faithful, I can be available, and I can be teachable. Those things, I can be and I desire to be.”

– Tunch Ilkin

Key Takeaways this week on the L3 Leadership Podcast:

● The power of humility in mentorship and servant leadership

● Tunch’s experience playing for the Pittsburgh Steelers

● Tunch’s conversion story

● The power of community and why following Christ is not for the lone wolf

● The power of accountability and why it’s such a big responsibility and commitment

● Tunch’s words to men

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