#268: How To Create Community Using Social Media with Nona Jones

By January 4, 2021Podcast

In episode 268 of the L3 Leadership Podcast, Doug Smith interviews Nona Jones, Head of Faith-Based Partnerships for Facebook. In the episode, Nona Jones shares her incredible story and how to build community using social media.

Nona tells about her faith journey and how she ended up working for Facebook. Externally, Nona represents Facebook to the faith community for Facebook. She helps organizations in the faith community maximize their impact on social. Internally, Nona resents the faith community to Facebook.


  1. Church has been defined as a place you go for thousands of years. Now in Covid, churches have focused on social media reach to maintain their communities. The church is not a thing you do or just a place you go, It’s who you are. How do we pray together, learn together, and worship together without being together? Discipleship is the relationship maturation of your faith. 
  2. We are switch from Church as building, to church as community. How can social technology help this happen? We are trying to get people to the cross, not just to the building!
  3. Your page is your front porch, FB groups is your living room. They can come in and sit and ask questions, and experience your content together. 
  4. Nona works with some of the largest churches in America. What are these large and thriving churches doing to succeed? It’s all experimentation. No one is doing it perfectly!
  5. Nona’s top recommendation for churches: Stop doing 15-minute countdown timers. Countdowns are not important! 
  6. How do you succeed at digital discipleship? You start asking yourself questions. Start experimenting with features and get creative using the tools available to you. How can you use these tools to accomplish your goals? 
  7. Don’t get hung up on your following. It doesn’t matter how many people are following you if they don’t follow Jesus through you! It’s about following Jesus.
  8. We have to be transparent with our hurts and hang-ups. As leaders, we need to heal what hurts so that we can build something lasting. Hurt people hurt people. 
  9. As leaders, we don’t have to achieve to matter. You are more than what your resume says. You are a person of value, whether you have another accomplishment or not.





“We are trying to get people to the cross, not just to the building!” -Nona JonesClick To Tweet
“There’s nothing that you could get around you that could fill the deficit in you.” -Nona JonesClick To Tweet
“I want to take leaders to that place where they enjoy the things they have AND the things they don’t.” -Nona JonesClick To Tweet


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Doug is the Director of Development at Light of Life Rescue Mission and Founder and CEO of L3 Leadership. He is the author of his eBook, “Making the Most of Mentoring”, a step by step guide to help you build and cultivate relationships with mentors. He blogs at dougsmithlive.com, he is the host of the L3 Leadership podcast, and he is sought after public speaker.  He is married to his high school sweetheart, Laura, who currently works as an Account Executive at Ivalua. Together, they love family, personal growth, travel, working out, and serving others.


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