196: Are You Providing a Return on Other’s Investment in You

By June 11, 2018Podcast

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Are You Providing a Return for Other's Investment in You?

Are You Providing a Return for Other’s Investment in You?

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Doug is the Development Manager at Light of Life Rescue Mission, a non-profit that helps the homeless, in Pittsburgh, PA. He is the Founder of L3 Leadership, a company that connects and develops leaders through training, events, mastermind groups, and membership. He is also the host of the L3 Leadership podcast, where he has interviewed world-class leaders such as Dr. Henry Cloud, Dr. Les Parrott, Liz Wiseman, Mike Tomlin, and many others. He is married to his high school sweetheart, Laura. Together, they love family, personal growth, travel, working out, and serving others.


  • You will be thought of, remembered, and rewarded for or how you stewarded the influence and investment of others in your life.
  • We need to give mentors a return on their investment or else we will likely lose their investment of time and energy into us.
  • You’re either stewarding others influence well or you’re not.
  • John will give you his love, you have to earn his time.
  • If you invest in someone and don’t start to see a return in six months, you’ve invested in the wrong person!
  • John Maxwell: Influence is loaned, not given
  • “When I gave influence away, people took advantage of me. They failed to establish their own leadership using my influence. They took my influence for granted. They were unable to build the Org. by passing on influence to others.” -Maxwell
  • Not everyone will receive my influence, those who receive my influence will be accountable, I expect a good return on my loan
    of influence. -John Maxwell
  • If you’re not providing a good return, why would you be able to attract other mentors?
  • We often undervalue our current teachers and overvalue our future teachers (or whom we would want to be a future teacher).
  • How can you do provide a return? Do what they tell you to do! Update them: Here is what you said, here is what I did, can we meet again.
  • Ask them: What does a good return on your investment in me look like? In six months, what needs to happen? How can I serve you? How can I further your mission? How can I make you the best version of you? What lids are holding me back from providing a good return?
  • Think about the people that are mentoring you and investing in you… are you providing a return for them?
  • How can you start providing a return on their investment today? How can you serve them?

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