L3 Leadership Transcriptions: Lightning Round With Michelle Myers, Founder Of She Works His Way

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Please enjoy this transcript of this episode with Michelle Myers, Founder of She Works His Way. It was transcribed and therefore might contain a few typos.

Michelle Myers: 00:00 Stop trying to fight for your worth. Your worth was given to you when Jesus died on the cross and you do not have anything to do with your worthiness. Your worthiness has everything to do with who he is and so please, please, please stop striving cause I know I use the word surrender a lot, but man, a heart that is striving cannot surrender.

Doug Smith: 00:19 This is the L3 Leadership podcast, episode number 173 what’s up everyone? Welcome to another edition of the L3 Leadership podcast. My Name’s Doug Smith and I’m the founder of L3 Leadership. We are a leadership development company devoted to helping you become the best leader that you can be. In this episode, you’ll hear our lightning round interview with Michelle Myers. Michele is the founder and CEO of She Works His Way, a business that helps train women to pursue their passions while keeping God and family as their top priorities. I first met Michelle in 2011 and I was blown away by everything that she was doing with her life and it’s been such a joy to watch her grow and develop over the last six years. And it was an honor to interview her. She’s making a huge impact through her leadership, her business skills in her heart for women.

Doug Smith: 01:02 A little bit about Michelle. Michelle was started three companies. She recently wrote a book called famous in heaven and at home and she’s also a wife and a mom of three and so much more. You’re going to love the lightning round interview. But I would also encourage you to go back to episode number 172 in this, in part one of our interview. Michelle dropped so much wisdom in both episodes. So don’t miss either of these. But before we dive into the lightning round, just a few announcements. I want to let you guys know that we recently introduced l three leadership membership. That’s right. You can now become a member of L3 Leadership. You might say to me with Doug, why become a member? Because I believe every leader needs a group of leaders to go through life without all.

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Doug Smith: 02:47 you say to them?

Michelle Myers: Work hard. Don’t be afraid of hard work. Don’t expect it to happen overnight and don’t be the stereotypical millennial. Get, get into some organization, work for free. Take an internship, work at the bottom and work your way up. Don’t wait for the perfect opportunity to come to you. You start serving in your skillset now, even if you are not being paid for it and you will blow out the competition someday just because you were willing to take the first step that most people want.

Doug Smith: 03:20 Boom. I love it. If you could put a quote on a billboard for everyone in the world to read, what would it say?

Michelle Myers: 03:27 Stop trying to balance everything and surrender.

Doug Smith: 03:30 Awesome. What’s the best purchase you’ve made in the last year for $100 or less?

Michelle Myers: 03:35 Building A Story Brand by Donald Miller. Just the book. Yes. The book is such a great place to start.

Doug Smith: 03:45 That’s awesome. Talking about books, that’s my next question. If you had a, what are the books you give away most often when it comes to business or leadership or faith?

Michelle Myers: 03:53 I’m Dave early wrote a book called Prayer, The Timeless Secrets of High Impact Leaders. And it is a phenomenal book on understanding that prayer is productive. We overlook basic spiritual disciplines so much even in Christian leadership. And there is a huge difference in what God can do and what we can do. And so the last thing in the world that we want to do is try to do His work in our own power. And if we’re all honest, it’s extremely easy to attend even though it just sounds completely backwards when we say it out loud. But in practice, it’s very easy to skip over the basic spiritual disciplines. And so if I could give people just one piece of advice, it would be to understand that prayer is productive because prayer puts everything in God’s power versus your own. And if you had to ask yourself, do I want my power in my business or do I want God’s power in my business?

Michelle Myers: 04:51 You Want God’s power.

Doug Smith: Absolutely. What podcasts do you find yourself listening to these days?

Michelle Myers: 04:59 You know, Craig Rochelle is in leadership right now and so he probably gets me fired up like running laps and doing cartwheels around buddy right now. I also love the Entreleadership podcasts as well as listening to the Dave Ramsey show. You can learn so much from just mean the amount of knowledge that he has about finances blows my mind and leadership. And so, being able to listen to him from a godly perspective is so fantastic. And then also the StoryBrand podcast is also phenomenal. Andy Stanley only does a podcast once a month, but it is always worth listening to. So those are some of my favorites for sure.

Doug Smith: 05:40 That’s awesome. And do you have a podcast coming? Is anything I just, just throwing it out there to see?

Michelle Myers: 05:46 There is potential. Right now I’m in a season where with three kids to being in separate schools and one at home, I have to pace myself on things that I can do and things that I can do well. And so I, if I had all the time in the world, I would absolutely love to do a podcast for sure. And it is definitely something that I am open to pursuing in the future, but we can’t run before God. And sometimes he gives you a glimpse of things before he gives you a go. And so even though it would make perfect sense for us to have a podcast right now in order to do it would be, it would be a struggle for my family. And so sometimes you have to do things business wise that don’t make logical sense for business, but they make logical sense for life. And so it would be coming. I just, it’s pending and I don’t know when, I don’t know when God will turn that glimpse into a go.

Doug Smith: 06:40 When he does, I’ll be really excited. Subscribed. So I’m looking forward to that. Uh, do you have any nonnegotiable routines or habits in your daily life that, that make you effective?

Michelle Myers: 06:53 Don’t scroll social media until you have prayed and read your Bible. Because if you immediately jump into the world before you have Gods defenses around you, you are likely either to think something you shouldn’t, say something you shouldn’t, post something you shouldn’t, or just start your day in a way that reflects on the things of this earth rather than the things that matter most. And so keeping that perspective is so important to wear cause you undoubtedly are going to see something when you scroll on social media that infuriates you, that frustrates you. And so at least be prayed up first. I’ll always tell everybody, nobody wants to be around me until I’ve been with Jesus. And that includes strangers on the Internet. And so put first things first.

Doug Smith: 07:49 That’s great. I know you talked about, She Works His Way, but is there anything else that you’re working on that you’re excited about that people could connect with you about?

Michelle Myers: 07:57 You mentioned briefly the business tracker that we just launched and that’s not just available for, she works his way, members that is available to the public and so you can go to, She Works His Way.com/businesstracker and check out the business tracker. It is pink, so guys, you probably wouldn’t like it, but the entire principle of it is designed to keep my hustle holy. And you know, some people have really like red flag, ugly feelings when it comes to the word hustle. And so when it comes to that cover, let me just address this really fast. Holiness is what drives us to hustle. It’s not the other way around. But when you spend time in front of an almighty God, it’s like impossible to stand idle. You just want to go out because you recognize that the harvest is plentiful and not the workers are few in that faith is active in, it’s not passive.

Michelle Myers: 08:49 And so you just want to go out and you want to serve him and so rather than focusing on the hustle and thinking that holiness will come, the whole idea of the business tracker is to just like a lot of the principles that we’ve talked about on the call is to put God before our plans, not just included as a part of it, but to put him before and then also to ensure that rather than seeking what is shiny or seeking the highlight reel or seeking the glam that we are doing, the work that matters that’s behind the scenes that nobody else sees because it’s easy to put out a highlight reel that makes it look like you’re successful. It’s a lot harder to be diligent in the things that are honestly so simple that you could just as easily skip them as you could do them.

Michelle Myers: 09:36 And so keeping that focus on the main thing and not getting distracted by what you think might be a shortcut or what you think might get more eyes are more attention on you, but really just staying diligent where God has you and trusting him. For the growth. That’s what this resource is designed to do. And so it’s a quarterly resource and so you’ll need one for every quarter in business and it’s divided into quarterly planning, monthly planning, weekly planning, and daily execution. And so it is designed to help you to be able to reverse engineer if that’s something that is a struggle for you and to evaluate both heart and head because we can’t ignore either one. We have to recognize that God gave us both. And so utilizing both of those. But again, just making sure that he is saying the focus and that we’re not trying to include him in our agenda, but that we’re joining him in his agenda.

Doug Smith: 10:32 That’s good. And where can they find that?

Michelle Myers: 10:34 SheWorksHisWay.com/business trackers. So we are only in making these are available quarterly. So they’re available right now and they’re available while supplies last. And I don’t know how long that will be. I just know that they are available while supplies last. So an email went out this morning announcing those to our email lists. And we will be starting promoting on social media on Monday, December the fourth. And so if your listeners get this beforehand, they didn’t have just a little bit of a heads up.

Doug Smith: 11:04 Excellent. Great. Last few questions. If you can go back and have coffee with your 20-year-old self, what would you tell her?

Michelle Myers: 11:10 Stop trying to fight for your worth. Your worth was given to you when Jesus died on the cross and you do not have anything to do with your worthiness. Your worthiness has everything to do with who he is. And so please, please, please stop striving. Cause I know I used the word surrender a lot, but man, a heart that is striving cannot surrender and so surrender and stop striving and just know that all of the things that you are fighting for so much we’re already given to you in Jesus.

Doug Smith: 11:40 That’s so good. Out of everything you’ve accomplished up to this point in your life, what are you most proud of?

Michelle Myers: 11:46 Without question my, I have three and my sweet Noah accepted Christ this year and watching him and watching his relationship with the Lord is so sweet and so innocent and he teaches me something about God every single day. There really is something about the faith of a child. And so, I pray that my legacy is largely wrapped up in the fact that I got to be their mother.

Doug Smith: 12:13 And what did you post the other day? He prayed in school when the teacher said it was like the best prayer ever or something. I, remember smiling when I saw it.

Michelle Myers: 12:20 His teacher was like, Noah that, that prayer was so beautiful. And he said, thanks. I’m really good at praying because I talked to God all the time.

Doug Smith: 12:27 That’s it. I love it. That was awesome.

Michelle Myers: 12:29 I laughed so hard because it’s, you know, it’s like this laughing because I’m really good at praying as at six, you know? But then also like the end, just what can we learn from that from a six-year old that says prayer is so natural to me because I talk to God all the time.

Doug Smith: Yeah.

Michelle Myers: Prayer isn’t something that we have to do on our knees with our eyes closed. It’s an open conversation with the god of the universe that loves us enough to send his son to die for us. And so rather than looking at prayer as this thing on our to-do list, it is a gift to man. It is not a have to, it’s a get to.

Doug Smith: 13:09 I love that. Oh, and one day, looking back on your life, what would you want your kids and your husband to say about you? looking back on your life, what do you want your legacy to be?

Michelle Myers: 13:20 At the end of the day, I always know that mom loved Jesus and mom loved me. If they could look at that and know that I love the Lord and that I loved them with every inch of my being, that would be all that I would, that I would want them to know because someday that’s all that’s left.

Doug Smith; Yeah.

Michelle Myers: And so being known for anything less than what lasts isn’t really a legacy.

Doug Smith: 13:47 That’s so good. And I’ll just leave this open-ended. Anything else you want to leave our listeners with?

Michelle Myers: 13:52 Yeah, we’ve covered so much. It’s been so fun. Um, I think that I would just say like, don’t put yourself in a box to where you think this is what my life has to look like, but understand that God doesn’t just want good things for you. God wants God things for you. And the only way that you’re going to be able to get those God things is if you are continuously seeking him, not seeking anything else. And so we can get so confused and think, but I think that this is what God has called me to do. Got news for you, wherever God has you is where he’s called you. And so if you’re not being diligent with where he has called you now and you’re not treating what you’re doing right now as a calling, you’re not going to get a promotion from Him next.

Michelle Myers: 14:44 You might get a promotion on your own doing and your own striving, but the only promotions that come from God are where we diligently serve where he has us now. And so if you thought this is what God has called me to do someday and someday when I’m able to do that, then I’ll really be in my sweet spot. No, no, no, no, no. Wherever he has you right now is where he’s called you. And so you shine for him and you serve for him right now, even if it makes no sense in regards to what you think he might have you do in the future. Recognize that God used David learning to tend sheep to be the king and that David was anointed as king when he was 15 and did not get the throne until much, much later in life. And so use the training ground that he is giving you, understanding that God does not waste anything.

Michelle Myers: 15:38 And so wherever he has you right now, there’s purpose as long as you’ll find it. And so don’t ever discount anything that he has you, he’ll use it. Cause when I look at my past, I mean I remember, you know my career started in network marketing and looking at network marketing and looking to Bible teaching and having a Bible conference. Like it didn’t make sense until God really laid, She Works His Way on my heart and then all of a sudden going to seminary to end up in network marketing made sense. And so, you know, I remember talking to James for the first time about She Works His Way and he looked at me and he was like, oh I get it now. I get it. But we can’t always understand what God’s doing in the moment. But understand that even if you can’t see his hand and you’re like, there is no way that he could use this. Spurgeon said, when he can’t see God’s hand, trust his heart, and so trust his heart because he always has his best in mind. Even if it doesn’t momentarily look like it’s your best, it’s his best and that’s where you want to be.

Doug Smith: 16:47 Wow, well as always, I’m fired up after talking to you. I’m ready to go tackle the world, so thank you so much. This was extremely valuable. I just you for taking time out of your day to do this.

Michelle Myers: 16:57 Thank you for having me, Doug, I appreciate you.

Doug Smith: 16:59 Hey everyone. Thank you so much for listening to our lightning round interview with Michelle Myers. You can find ways to connect with her and links to everything that we discussed and more in the show notes at L3leadership.org/episode173 remember, you can also listen to part one of our interview in episode number 172 and if you haven’t done that, I highly, highly, highly, highly encourage you to go back and listen to that as well. Before we wrap up, just a few things. I want to thank our sponsor, Henney Jewelers. They’re a jeweler owned by my friend and mentor, John Henne, my wife and I got on engagement and wedding rings through Henne Jewelers. And we just think they’re an incredible company. Not only do they have great jewelry, but they also invest in people. John gave Laura and I a book to help us prepare for our marriage and he’s also been investing in me as a leader, a husband and a father now for years.

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