L3 Leadership Podcast Transcriptions: Love Your Life Not Theirs With Ramsey Personality, Rachel Cruze

By August 6, 2018Transcripts

Please enjoy this transcript of our interview with Rachel Cruze.  It was transcribed and therefore might contain a few typos. For ways to connect with Rachel, the notes, and for links to everything discussed,  check out our show notes.

Rachel Cruze: 00:00 I can be an awesome mom and I can be awesome at my job. I can be awesome at both and because I feel like sometimes as women we have, we feel like we choose like, oh, it’s just a season where I’m not being a great mom, but I’m good at work and or sometimes it’s like, oh, I’m not working as much so I’m a better mom, and so it’s just like kind of this attitude of like you can be great at both.

Doug Smith: 00:20 This is the L3 leadership podcast, episode number 201.

Doug Smith: 00:35 What’s up everyone, and welcome to another episode of the L3 Leadership podcast. My name is Doug Smith and I am your host. I hope you’re doing well. In today’s episode, you’ll hear our interview with Rachel Cruze. Rachel was the number one New York Times bestselling author and host of the Rachel Cruze show where she helps people learn the proper ways to handle money and stay out of debt. She’s authored three bestselling books including Love Your Life, Not Theirs, and Smart Money, Smart Kids, which he co-wrote with their father, Dave Ramsey. In the interview, you’ll hear Rachel’s advice to working moms, what she’s learned about leadership and business while working at Ramsey Solutions. We go through her recent book and we take her through our lightning round questions and I can just say you’re going to love this interview and you’re going to love Rachel. She’s very energetic and charismatic and has a ton of wisdom and so get ready for that, but before we dive in, just a brief announcement. I want to thank our sponsor, Alex, Tulandin. Alex is a full-time realtor with Keller Williams Realty and if you are looking to buy or sell a house in the Pittsburgh market, Alex is your guy. He is a member and a supporter of L3 leadership and would love to have an opportunity to connect with you. You can learn more about Alex@Pittsburghpropertyshowcase.com. With that being said, let’s dive right into the interview with Rachel and I’ll be back at the end with a few announcements.

Doug Smith: 01:46 Thank you so much, Rachel, for being willing to do this interview and just to start, why don’t you just give a broad overview of who you are and what you do for everyone listening.

Rachel Cruze: 01:54 Sure. Well thanks for having me. I appreciate it. I am a financial expert and I work at Ramsey Solutions and most people know me as Dave Ramsey’s daughter, so I grew up in a household where money was talked about and taught and something that I was so thankful for later in life. Realizing that that was not the norm for a lot of people and I really believe I was able to avoid so many, many mistakes because of the knowledge that my parents empowered me and my siblings with. And so when I graduated from college I remember talking to my mom and dad and I was like, I want to just travel the country and talk to high school students and college students about how to be wise with their money because that’s the pivotal time. If you can learn about money early on then you can, like me, avoid so many money mistakes. And so that was kind of my adventure in my work for many years and now that I’m married, I have kids. My message has kind of come along with me and so I don’t speak as much to the youth anymore. But I get to go on the road and do events and I have a show called the Rachel Cruze show on Youtube and do interviews like this and write books on everything regards to money.

Doug Smith: 03:04 That’s awesome. I am curious, so you said you are known as Dave Ramsey’s daughter, but because of that, I’m just curious, what do you wish people knew about you and specifically the journey to get to where you are that they may not know?

Rachel Cruze: 03:15 I think a lot of people assume a lot of things when they hear that. So they probably assume, of course, she’s working there, you know,  of course, you’d go work for the family business. But, what a lot of people don’t know is I remember sitting down with mom and dad and when we had that conversation and dad told me straight up, he said it’s going to be harder to come into this company and work because you’re gonna have to work twice as hard as everyone else, just to establish the credibility that you’re not getting a free pass. And so it probably will just be easier if you went and worked somewhere else kind of thing. So, the truth about me working in the family business is, I’m so passionate and believe in this message of hope, of giving people a plan with their money.

Rachel Cruze: 03:52 So that’s probably one thing people don’t assume. And then some other people assume that I’m just rich because my parents have done well. And I always think that’s so funny because from the moment, you know, I started working at like age five. I was always on a commission, not allowance. I’m like, I’ve had to work for everything. And I’m like, do people think that he sends me like secret checks in the mail? I’m like, no, no, no, no, no, no. My husband and I, we have to work in the budget just like everyone else. So that’s probably another assumption.

Doug Smith: 04:22 I love that. Did you like the commission structure now that your parent, is that something that you’ll implement as well? Talk about that for parents listening.

Rachel Cruze: 04:30 Yeah, totally. So, mom and dad, they had a set of chores for us that we did just because we are part of the family and we didn’t get paid so there were chores and for us growing up it was like the kitchen, so we were never paid on chores around the kitchen. We were expected to put our dishes in the dishwasher or clean the pots and pans as we got older, you know all of that. But there were chores around the house that we did that we would get paid on. So if you did the work, you got money, but if you didn’t do the work, you didn’t get paid versus just being handed a $5 bill. Every time we asked for money, we literally had to work for it and we had three envelopes and one was give, one was save, one was spend.  And when we got paid once a week for the chores we did through the week, we put a certain percentage and giving a certain percentage and saving and then spending as well.

Rachel Cruze: 05:16 So we lived with those principles for, for so long and I really am thankful. I think it’s such an easy thing for parents to implement tactically it’s a little bit hard because you have to keep up with everything. It’s like another thing to keep up with kids, you know, keeping putting money on hand and cash on hand because we, you know, we don’t use cash anymore as much in our society, but, it just gives this correlation of where money comes from and your kids learn very early on. That money comes from work. It doesn’t come from mom and dad’s back pocket. And because of that, that foundation was laid and I am, I’m so, I’m so thankful for it. So it’s a great tip for parents out there.

Doug Smith: 05:51 I love that. And, and you’re a mom now of two girls and actually, my wife and I just had our second girl as well.

Rachel Cruze: 05:57 Congratulations!

Doug Smith: 05:58 Thank you. Yeah, Sophia Charlotte, born May 7th.

Rachel Cruze: 06:03 You have like our family names, Sophia was on our list and then Charlotte is my husband’s sister’s name and his grandparents or his grandmother and all that. 

Doug Smith: 06:12  Any Olivias’ is in the family?

Rachel Cruze: 06:14 No. Okay. But Amelia, that’s on our list still so. Yes. And then we had Caroline, Victoria, which are both family names, so we kinda like the old school-ish. So yeah, that’s fine. Another beautiful name. That’s great.

Doug Smith: 06:25  Yeah. So, so you’re in a similar position too. You’re working mom? My wife is actually about to go back to work next Wednesday, so yeah, a second time. Yeah. So I’m just curious what, what are you learning about work-life balance and being a working mom? 

Rachel Cruze: 06:44 Yeah, I’ve, I’ve learned, I feel like lots. I think I’m one of the things that we say a lot around Ramsey Solutions is that work-life balance is crap like it doesn’t exist. You’re never going to have a season where everything in life is perfectly balanced between work and spiritual time. And then you get to read a book for your intellect and then you can work out and then, you know, you have family time and friendships. It’s like this perfect little pie every single day of every week, of every month, of every year. It’s not gonna happen like there’s going to be seasons, even chunks of months, sometimes even a year or two where some things are just not balanced. And for me, I’ve kind of just embraced that. So honestly, during the summer, it’s my downtime. I don’t travel in the summer, so I soak up every moment I can with my girls and there’s a day or two I’ll be home and not in the office.

Rachel Cruze: 07:33 And I protect that time. Like no one’s business. I’m always like, no, this is my time because I know coming in a few weeks in the fall I’m going to be gone, you know, six, seven, eight events, and then I’ll have some downtime during the holidays and then back up in the spring. So my calendar ebbs and flows and so I really have to take advantage of that. And , my friend, Christy, right always says that life balance is not about being 50/50. It’s about being 100 percent present.  And so that’s, that’s another piece of advice I’ve taken on is that when I’m home, I’m home and I’m with my girls and I’m in the floor playing and we’re eating dinner together as a family. You know, it’s just, it’s those things that your present there. And then another kind of kick I’ve heard a few moms talking about recently, which I appreciate. I don’t know if I’m emotionally gone here yet, but

Rachel Cruze: 08:20 one of my friends was like, I can be an awesome mom and I can be awesome at my job. I can be awesome at both. And because I feel like sometimes as women we have, we feel like we choose like, oh, it’s just a season where I’m not being a great mom but I’m good at work and, or sometimes it’s like, oh, I’m not working as much so I’m a better mom. And so it’s just like kind of this attitude of like, you can be great at both. And so I don’t know if I’ve given myself the permission to like fully embraced that emotionally I probably need to, but I love that idea. I kind of strive for that in my mind that I can be a great mom and be really great at my job.

Doug Smith: 08:51 Do you ever, I’m just curious, do you have any thoughts on, I don’t know if you have, what did I write down? Mommy guilt? But you know, there are seasons where you are busy and it’s just like you’re going, going, going, even though you’re 100% in and how do you deal with that emotionally? Do you have any advice for moms? You may deal with the same thing?

Rachel Cruze: 09:05 Yeah, I, of course, I deal with that. And it’s hard and it is. And especially when your kids get old enough where they can talk and they’re like, mom, don’t go to work. It just breaks your heart. But what I’m so thankful for is that the why behind I go to work and for me at this point, my why is that I get to help people and I really enjoy it. I love what I do and as a result of that, I feel like I’m able to help a lot of people because I am so excited about my work. And so I think understanding the why behind and some moms are going back to work to get out of debt and that’s your why and that’s a very noble why, you know, some moms are going back because they just need some time because they just feel like, okay, if I have a little bit break every now and then I’m a better mom and that’s why. So I think focusing on your why or even, you know, to keep the bills coming in or to keep, you know, and a great income for the family, whatever it is to focus on the why and that’s, that’s big.

Doug Smith: 10:00 That’s great. Since the last time we talked to, you’ve also written another book, Love Your Life, Not Theirs. Can you just give us an overview? What is the book about? Why did you write it and maybe share one key takeaway that you want people to take home?

Rachel Cruze: 10:11 Yes. Love your life, Not theirs is mostly about comparison living and how we compare ourselves to everyone and keeping up with the Joneses today now is on our phones, in our back pockets like we carry the Joneses around with us everywhere and with social media you just have this glimpse, this picture into everyone else’s life and their lifestyle and what they’re eating and what vacations are on, what new car they’re getting. If they got a promotion at work. I mean, it’s just constantly in front of you and you see the best parts of everyone’s life. You know, it’s not the parts that are hard or you don’t look great on a picture. You’re probably not going to post that. Like we don’t see those pictures. We just see the best parts for most of the time. And so when you’re comparing your life to that, you really feel like you’re missing out on something because your life feels so normal and can almost seem boring compared to other people’s.

Rachel Cruze: 11:00 And so people end up spending money and so then it’s money they don’t have to keep up that lifestyle that they think everyone else is living and they’re missing out on and that’s a cycle of not just debt, but discontentments not being intentional with your money. All these good habits that you need to win financially or just gone when comparison creeps in. And so, you know, especially at the beginning of the book, I talk about the seven money habits to setting your life up, to win and setting your life up to a life you love. And one of those habits is to quit the comparisons. And then we also talk about, I talk about budgeting and getting out of debt and saving and talking with your spouse about money and getting on the same page. So all of these good habits to get yourself in a place financially where not only you don’t really care about the Jones anymore, but also that you are happy and, and building a life that you love.

Doug Smith: 11:49 I love that. So I’ll include a link in the show notes. I encourage everyone to buy a copy and read it and share it with a friend. And something else. You also started, which you already mentioned was the Rachel Cruze show, which I was fired up when I saw that you launched this. I mean, did you always dream of being Oprah when you were little or you know, what’s the show about? How can people connect and why are you doing it?

Rachel Cruze: 12:08 Yes. Yeah. The show is really, it is kind of a dream come true in a sense. I did a video blog for many years, just me and a camera on a tripod basically, and it kind of grew a little bit throughout the years, but this was a place that I was like, okay, we can really have a long, a longer content form because it’s about a 30 minute episode. Each episode is about 30 minutes and have a fun set and have multiple cameras and have guests in and all that. So it’s a fun show. It’s, it’s all geared around money, but there is a lifestyle element to it. So it’s everything from tips on grocery shopping, when you go to Target, which I call the black hole of goodness, it’s just wonderful from everything from there to communicating with your spouse about money, to  buying a car, getting insurance, your house, decorating your house. I mean, anything in regards to money we talk about on the show and it’s been so, so fun. And a lot of great response. So people are enjoying it, which I’m thankful for.

Doug Smith: 13:07 And where can people tune in again?

Rachel Cruze: 13:09 Yeah, on Youtube. So my youtube channel or on Facebook, we’ve actually put it on facebook as well.

Doug Smith: 13:14 Excellent. And I have to ask, I know it’s geared around money, but uh, I asked him to come on the same thing. Do you have any who’s on your bucket list of people to interview and or host on the show?

Rachel Cruze: 13:22 Oh Gosh, that’s a great question. You know, we go topically and honestly today we did a show about being a minimalist, like how to get rid of a bunch of stuff. And we actually had the minimalists on, there was a national taping. They did a documentary, you know, if you’ve seen it on Netflix, it’s so great. So that was a fun kind of fit in just with exactly what the topic we wanted. So, yeah, that was fun. I mean I would love to have, oh gosh, I can think of actresses and yeah, I mean just anyone.

Doug Smith: 13:55 That’s awesome. I do want to ask just on the leadership side of things, so you talked about how your dad’s advice was, hey, if you work here, you’re going to have to work twice as hard. I am just curious, what have you learned as a result of being on staff at Ramsey Solutions about business and leadership that maybe you didn’t know before you came on board?

Rachel Cruze: 14:14 I would say when I didn’t know before coming on board is that leadership’s hard. I think it can sound very glamorous to people. And they’re like, oh, it’s so great. You know, and I, and I sit on our operating board as well, but just being in those meetings, we have three hour meetings every Monday morning and setting with those leaders and seeing the decisions they have to make on a business side and sometimes on a personal side, you know, with a team member and issue that’s come up. It’s just, it’s a lot of work and a lot of stress and it’s not easy and I think for so long I didn’t get my dad probably the credit that he deserves running this company, I’m like, oh, it’s fine. You just go to work, probably just have fun. Right? But when you step into a leadership role, you have a lot of responsibility. And so I would say that’s probably it. That’s probably what I’ve learned the most, is that it’s so much harder than I probably ever thought I would be.

Doug Smith: 15:04 Yeah. And that kind of segues into my next question, but you have an opportunity to be around some of the greatest leaders in the world. Your Dad, everyone that comes into your guys’ organization, the leaders in your organization, and again, not that they’re at their finish line, but they’ve led well for a long time and I’m just curious as you interact with of leaders, are there one or two characteristics that you just see over and over again, that allow that of people that God uses insignificant way.

Rachel Cruze: 15:33 I would say number one, integrity. Most people that are incredible leaders that you see, they have incredible integrity. They do what they say they’re going to do. And this whole idea that every CEO is some guy in a glass office and he’s greasy and nasty and it was a bad guy and you know, all that. It’s true, there are those people out there, but your leaders that make an influence, man, they have high levels of integrity. I would say that. And I would also say they’re fighters. They don’t just sit back and let things happen. Like they get in the fight and they push for what they want. And I see that a lot of my dad, I think of Christine Caine, she’s a women’s you know, a leader, she, she’s a preacher teacher, she does as all these organizations. She’s one of my favorite women right now in life and I’m watching her and

Rachel Cruze: 16:21 I’m like, man, she’s just a fighter. Like they just, they fight for what they want and I love that there’s this humility in that as well, right? It’s not an arrogance, but it is a, it’s a passion that they so believe in what they’re doing that no one’s going to get in their way. And I love that. That doesn’t always come naturally to me. I am bold in a sense and I have my opinions, but I, I look at that, I’m like, wow, I have a lot I can learn from that. So just be more, even bolder.

Doug Smith: 16:49 Yeah. I’m just curious. I don’t know if you answered this or not, but I know you guys follow the disc profile in your organization. You find that those leaders are typically “d’s”, right? Because those are general traits of a “d”. They’re bold, they fight further ideas, or have you found your organization that pretty much any personality type can lead if they choose to?

Rachel Cruze: 17:06 Any personality type, yeah, your “d’s” are going to be louder in the sense that I’ve met, I’ve met “s’s” and “c’s” and I think about my husband, he’s a “c” and he’s running this huge project for us, moving buildings and all of that and I’m like, he will get crap done. He does it a little bit quieter, man. He’ll send those emails and he’s not rude about it. He gets stuff done and I’m like, man, and he won’t shout. It almost never happens. No one really knows. Even those emails were sent to that architecture, that designer or that contractor, but it’s like getting stuff done. So now I would say every personality is different styles that they all have that fight and that grit in them.

Doug Smith: 17:41 I love that. Yeah. With the time that we have left, I want to dive into what I call the lightning round. Just a bunch of fun questions that I’d like to ask. The first one would be, what is one belief or behavior that’s changed your life?

Rachel Cruze: 17:55 It’s changed my life. Oh my goodness. Oh Gosh, so that’s a big one. , I mean faith would come that that’s a life-changing thing for me. I’m following Jesus. I would say for sure that would be, that would be life changing and I can think of like getting up early and having coffee by myself helps me every day. So there’s that element or, or faith you can go into one.

Doug Smith: 18:21 My wife’s the same way. I mean we’re both morning people if she doesn’t get that time before the day begins. Yeah. Yes, I know, I know so good. If you could put a quote on a billboard for everyone to read, what would it say?

Rachel Cruze: 18:32 I would gear towards my work because I love our message. So I would say take control of your money and create a life you love.

Doug Smith: 18:41 Love it. What’s the best purchase in the last year that you’ve made? For $100 or less?

Rachel Cruze: 18:46 I think it was like 20 bucks. I got a new iPhone case because I dropped my iPhone for the first time and it cracked. Like I dropped my iPhone all the time and I had this one case for so long and I dropped it in my screen, cracked and I said never again, so I bought this like hardcore case and I love it.

Doug Smith: 19:01 Fantastic. Did you buy it at target?

Rachel Cruze: 19:04 Yes. I actually did.

Doug Smith: 19:07 There you go.

Rachel Cruze: 19:07 The black hole that they’ve got the iPhone case out of it.

Doug Smith: 19:11 Are they are a sponsor of the Rachel Cruze show yet?

Rachel Cruze: 19:13 I’m trying. I’m trying with everything and you asked me what guests I want on. I’m like, no, who do I want to sponsor the show that’s, that’s mine. I can name those off quickly. Target number one for sure. 

Doug Smith: 19:26 I’m looking forward to when that happens. What books other than, I’ll just say other than the Ramsey personality books, what books have you read it? You have made a great impact on you that you give away often?

Rachel Cruze: 19:35 I love The IdealTeam Player by Patrick Lencioni. He talks about a great team player is hungry, humble and smart. All three of those things- and smart is not intelligence, it’s more people smart and it’s just so true and it’s so simple and it’s a short book. It’s a quick read, but it is so good.

Doug Smith: 19:51 If you listen to podcasts, what are the top one or two that you listened to on a consistent basis?

Rachel Cruze: 19:57  I love how I built this. I’ll and then I’ll dabble in. Jamie Ivy has one called the Happy Hour, so I look through the guests if there’s like an interesting guest and my friend Annie F. Downs, has one as well, so I’ll listen to hers too.

Doug Smith: 20:10 Yeah, I haven’t seen her. I’ve seen you guys posted about her, so I need to check it out. Where was I? What is the greatest challenge you’re facing right now? It could be personal or professional.

Rachel Cruze: 20:23 The greatest challenge right now?  I would say I have like three to four exciting work stuff coming up and not to like give away any secrets. I don’t think there are any secrets, but we’re going to have a baby number three at some point too. So yeah. So there’s like this. I’m not pregnant.

Doug Smith: 20:39 Oh ok.

Rachel Cruze: 20:47 No, no I’m not pregnant. I mean like we definitely want number three, so I, so it’s that kind of backs up that life balance of like, okay, where does a baby fit? Or I should say that’s where does the work fit in with planning baby number three. So that’s a little bit like calendarizing my life, which is kind of funny.

Doug Smith: 21:03 This is random and off topic, but we have two girls as well. I know you’ll be happy either way, but are you hoping for a boy or is Winston, or do you guys care?

Rachel Cruze: 21:11 You know, because we have two girls, we’ve said that we’re probably an all girl family so we’re going to emotionally commit if it’s a boy, of course, that’s exciting. I come from that. I have an older sister, me and a younger brother, so like if it’d be the exact same dynamic as my family, which we love Daniel. He’s like our little, he’s 26, so we still call him little Daniel, like he’s just, we love the girls to have a little brother for sure, but we had just emotionally committed to being an all girl family.

Doug Smith: 21:38 I can emotionally commit to that, But now if we have a boy, he’s going to be little whoever he is so thanks for planting that seed. You may have answered this with that, but what are you dreaming about right now?

Rachel Cruze: 21:51 What am I dreaming about? My next book. We’re starting to have a few meetings about those coming up. Yeah, that’s a big one right now and the baby, but not soon enough. I’m like, I might have a baby coming.

Doug Smith: Do you have a favorite failure in your life that lead to success or that you learned a significant lesson from?

Rachel CruzeYes. I had a product that we launched and it was a great product and everyone bought a lot of them, but they were terrible quality and it was a disaster. We had to ship out a whole other. We had to find a new vendor and ship out other ones, people that had bought them and people on social media were not happy, which I wouldn’t be either if you know, this product didn’t work and broke and all of it.

Rachel Cruze: 22:39 So yeah, it was like a really bad gig for a little while of like, oh my gosh. So it was just learning vendors and learning, you know, kind of a whole new part of consumer products and it was a hard lesson to learn, but I learned it and we’ll never make those mistakes again. So I’m thankful. I’m thankful for that. I love it.

Doug Smith: Do you have a, what is your favorite go-to question to ask leaders or whoever you spend the most time with when you get in a room with someone to question?

Rachel Cruze: I would say I love to hear people’s stories. So I think it’s always intriguing to me how people get to where they are because they’re always so different. But it’s so funny how so many people’s stories start off on this funnel and you can watch it go down, down, down, down, down to exactly what they’re doing today. And it’s like kind of saying everything happens for a reason, you know, that whole thing. But it’s like wow, every, every step they took was leading them to that place. And so I think that’s always intriguing to hear.

Doug Smith: I love that, in the space that you’re in, I’m just curious, what is the greatest, outside of your kids because that would be obvious. What’s the greatest, most worthwhile investment of your time and money right now?

Rachel Cruze: 23:47 I would say doing the Rachel Cruze show, being able to reach as many people as we are each episode and knowing that the person watching that has things that they can apply to their life today to make it better and doesn’t require me to travel across the country to do it. I can do it right here at the office with a great team and get it out for the world to see. So that’s for sure. Best use of my time at work right now.

Doug Smith: 24:13 Do you have any unusual habits and enable you to be successful? 

Rachel Cruze: 24:20  Unusual habits? Oh, probably not. I mean I’ll talk to myself. I had an interview today on the show and I was getting ready and my husband called me out. He was like, are you talking to yourself again? I was like, Oh yeah, because I’ll like say questions out loud or if I have a talk, a new talk, I’ll say it out loud in front of the mirror just to like verbalize everything. So I do, I talk to myself,

Doug Smith: 24:42 Hey, I think everyone should. What are one or two items on your bucket list that, that are in the top priority in the next couple of years?

Rachel Cruze: 24:50 Bucket list. We’re going to be moving homes and probably the next year and we both would love to build, which not everyone that’s not everyone’s gig, I know, but we both like have an itch so to build. And my husband is in real estate, so like he knows that world. So yeah, that, that would be a bucket list. I don’t know if it’ll happen this time around, but it would be at some point in our marriage we really do, we want to build a house and then I would say the one country I’ve not been to that I really want to go to is Australia. So one time in my life I want to go to Austrailia.

Doug Smith: 25:21  Love it. If you could go back and have coffee with 20-year-old Rachel Cruze what would you tell her?

Rachel Cruze: 25:28 I would tell her, 20 year old, I would say, don’t worry, everything is going to be great. You’ll have some hard times, but at the end of the day you’re going to have at 30 years old in 10 years, you’re gonna look back and be like, wow, I am really blessed. I have a great life.

Doug Smith: 25:49 And so on the other end of life, when you get to the end of your life, looking back, what do you want your legacy to be in? What would you like your kids to say about your life after you’re gone?

Rachel Cruze: 25:58 I would love people to say that I, that I loved people well no matter who they were, what they did, anything. I was hearing someone and I wish I remembered who it was. I can’t remember now. Talked about their grandparents and how they treated the janitor as nice as they treated the governor because of the line of work they were in. And I was like, Oh, don’t you just love it? Like, I hear that. I’m like, that is like, that is exactly the person I want to be in the person. I hope I am so that for sure.

Doug Smith: 26:30 Anything else you want to leave leaders with today?

Rachel Cruze: 26:33 I would say fight the good fights because leadership is hard. It’s not for everyone. If it was easy, everyone would do it. And so you’re in a position of influence and you’re able to lead people. So do it well with, with a little bit of grit.

Doug Smith: 26:44  I love it. Thank you so much for your time today, Rachel. Absolutely.

Rachel Cruze: Thanks for having me on everyone.

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