Eric Guy, Center for Victory, on Leadership

By April 3, 2017Leadership Talk

Eric Guy, LSW, is Senior Partner at Predictive Synergistic Systems, a talent management consulting firm with offices in Pittsburgh, Cleveland, and Chicago. As Senior Partner and with nearly 20 years of professional experience, Eric specializes in leadership development and sales performance using science and the Predictive Index suite of tools to help clients overcome their most challenging human capital and hiring dilemmas.His passion for helping business leaders succeed extends even beyond his work with the company. He is also the founder and Chief Victory Officer of Center for Victory where he works with individuals and leaders around the world to help them unlock their personal potential and achieve their greatest success. As a licensed social worker and internationally acclaimed speaker and author, he has spent several years designing and facilitating training sessions to assist clients and professionals within the mental health, educational and business fields, as well as providing customized programming in the form of intensive in-home treatment and individualized coaching.