Episode #83: Question and Answer with Russell Livingston

By January 19, 2016Blog, Leadership, Podcast

In this episode, Russell Livingston, President of Babb, Inc., shares what he believes to be the most important leadership lesson for the next generation.

This Learning to Lead Podcast episode comes to you from our Learning to Lead breakfast series. We recently had Russell Livingston, President of Babb, Inc., speak at our breakfast. Russell’s talk is broken into two parts, in this episode, you will hear our question and answer session. In episode #82, you can listen to Russell’s talk. If you’d like to listen to that go to l3leadership.org/episode82.

Episode #83: Q&A with Russell Livingston, President of Babb, Inc.

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  • February’s Leadership Breakfast: February 27th, 2016: Scott Stevens, Lead Pastor of North Way Christian Community – Register Here for this Event!
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    Bistro to Go – I want to thank Bistro to Go on the North Side of Pittsburgh for being the host of our breakfast. They are an incredible restaurant with a mission. They are changing lives in PIttsburgh and creating great food while they do it. You can check them out at http://bistroandcompany.com/.
    Zero Six Eight – “Zero Six Eight collaborates with ex-convicts who demonstrate a drive for entrepreneurial achievement. By supporting the skills and interests of these entrepreneurs, we work to launch innovative products and services that w ould otherwise face considerable barriers.” To learn more about 068, go to http://www.zerosixeight.org/.

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