203: How to Mentor and Be Mentored + Our Lightning Round Interview with Rave DJ turned Pastor, Peter Haas

By August 28, 2018Podcast

In this interview, you’ll hear Peter answer all of our lightning round questions and you’ll hear him share a ton of incredibly useful advice for mentors and leaders looking to be mentored. If that’s a subject that interests you, you have to listen to it!

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Peter Haas

Peter Haas


Pastor Peter Haas came to know the Lord while working as an EDM rave DJ in a nightclub. Since that day, he has traveled the world, sharing his radical conversion story and calling others to experience the same joy and power. He and his wife, Carolyn planted Substance Church in 2004 and he has since written two books, Pharisectomy: How to Remove Your Inner Pharisee, and Broken Escalators: Funny & Frightful Lessons About Moth Eating and Moving to the Next Level. Peter also serves on the Lead Team of the ARC (the Association of Related Churches) and is passionate about music, film, and comedy. Peter and Carolyn live in the Twin Cities with their 3 children, Lijah, True, and Eden





  • If you have to prioritize anything, make sure it’s loving on your kids.
  • I can live with that regret, but I couldn’t live with the regret of my kid not wanting to be with me or my wife not wanting to be with me.
  • Pain that is not transformed, is transmitted.
  • There is no circumstance that’s going to satisfy us.
  • You can oppress people with truth or you can uplift people with the truth.
  • If everything we do does not have an ounce of joy in it, then I actually believe that we’re missing the spirit of God.
  • Have a mentoring budget!
  • Ask mentors, “what are you failing at right now?”
  • Ask mentors, “What risks are you taking?
  • Ask mentors, “what are you dreaming about right now?”
  • People are always the most worthwhile time in investment.
  • I’m realizing that one of my failures with leaders is that I would train only one quarterback to learn all 400 plays and then if that quarterback leaves then I have to start from scratch. And so now, one of my rules is that I never want any ministry to be led by a singular personality or quarterback. I always want to make sure that every ministry has at least three quarterbacks that know the whole playbook.
  • Who is living out my dreams and what am I doing to earn the right to be around those people?
  • Who has successfully navigated my problems and what am I doing to earn the right to get around those people.
  • I’m always asking, what can I take off your plate? What can I do to help you fulfill the vision God has given you? It’s part of the reason why I’m always asking great leaders, what their dreams are because if I can help them reach their dreams, it’s more often to reciprocated, you always reap what you sow.
  • Get around people that make you think bigger.
  • Mentor other people and you reap what you sow because you know, we all want access to opportunity, but we don’t want to be the ones creating the opportunity for other people.
  • Build other people’s platforms, build other people’s lives.
  • Focus on promotability. Let God take care of your promotion.

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