Today, you’ll hear our interview with Dr. Rob McCleland! If you’re unfamiliar with Rob, he is the CEO of Leader Tribe, Director of Leadership Development at Victory World Church, and Past President of the John Maxwell Leadership Foundation.

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Dr. Rob McCleland

Dr. Rob McCleland

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Owner of Upward Leadership–a consulting and training company. Past President of John Maxwell Leadership Foundation. I have sat in the big chair in Higher Education, Medical Foundations, and multinational groups. My goal is very simple: build hard-working, healthy, and fun organizations where people love to serve and give their best. I do that by an unrelenting commitment to clarifying purpose, empowering employees, and acknowledging contributions. I concentrate on the kind of Leadership Development that leads individuals and teams to a more inspiring and more rewarding future. I live it, train others for it and speak about it.


  • Have people send you a 1-page document on why you should mentor them
  • If I’m going to invest someone, I want to know that they are going to provide a 10x return on my investment
  • Be an unvarnished purveyor of truth. Be a truth teller. Real leaders want to hear the truth, they just don’t have anyone that’s able to do that.
  • Most of the time in, there is no end-game in defending yourself
  • Work in spurts instead of working over the long haul.
  • You win tomorrow, tonight. Plan your days. Too many people work on other people’s agendas.
  • “The #1 job of a leader is to accurately define reality.”
  • When everyone can agree where you are, you can take the future by storm.
  • Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive because what the world needs more of is more people that have come alive.
  • Ask leaders what is on their bucket list.
  • There is a lot of things you’ll want to do in life to make yourself look better than you really are. Avoid that temptation. Be vulnerable.
  • Stop trying to make yourself look good. Start focusing on adding value to people.
  • Make it a goal to have the people who know you best love and respect you the most.
  • Take a one-inch step of growth every day to grow your leadership.


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