#144: Creating 1 Billion Entrepreneurs, An Interview with Rick Sapio, CEO of Mutual Capital Alliance, Inc.

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In this episode of the L3 Leadership Podcast, Doug interviews Rick Sapio, CEO of Mutual Capital Alliance, Inc. They talk about how Rick overcame the loss of his father at such a young age and went on to create over 20 companies. They talk entrepreneurship, productivity, family, spending time with billionaires, and more. Enjoy!

L3 Leadership Podcast Episode #144: Creating 1 Billion Entrepreneurs, an Interview with Rick Sapio, CEO of Mutual Capital Alliance, Inc.

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Rick’s Bio:

Rick is a lifelong entrepreneur who started his first business, a bicycle repair shop, after the death of his father, when he was just 13 years old. Since then he has founded more than 20 companies. Rick is the seventh of nine children raised by a mother with serious, life-long depression issues. He learned early that it’s best to think positively about the cards one’s been dealt in life, no matter how difficult those cards seem.

His life’s purpose, which is to inspire entrepreneurship, led Rick to start A Billion Entrepreneurs (“ABE”). ABE is a global movement and theatrical film that motivates people to seek the freedom associated with living a purposeful life. His dream is to motivate people to learn and grow as passionate entrepreneurs, regardless of their age, their starting point, or their current position.

Rick learned that business growth and success are accelerated when a few key principles are applied. He found that by learning “The 12 Foundational Principles of Business,” which he teaches in an online program called Business Finishing School; that virtually any individual or company can be put on the path to prosperity. He created these principles to help successful people become more grounded and focused in their business and personal lives.

For more than 20 years, Rick has been the founder and President of a financial holding company. He is proud of being the founding and five-time Chairman of the Gathering of Titans Program, an annual event held at MIT in Boston. He is a graduate of Rutgers University and holds a degree in engineering. Rick resides in Dallas with his wife, Melissa, and their four children.


  • You were born 1 of 9 children. When you were young  you lost both a brother and a father, and your mom had a few issues as well. Can you talk about how that experience shaped who you are today?
  • You said your father taught you and the other kids how to be self-sustaining. How did he do that? What did you learn from him?
  • Can you talk to the young person who may have gone through something just as tragic and not responded the same way you have? What advice would you give them?
  • Someone once told you, you’re either going to be a rider or a horse. That statement changed your life… What does it mean and what impact did it have on you?
  • In your Ted Talk, you said, “The world needs what’s in your heart… do the hard work of finding your purpose!”
  • At one point in your life, you took a retreat and told yourself you were not leaving until you discovered your purpose. Can you talk about that process? What did you discover? What advice do you have for others who want to figure out their purpose?
  • In your Tedx Talk, you talk about creating your catalyzing statement… how do you define that, what’s yours, and how can someone create their own?
  • At one point in your journey, you were making great money and were very successful, but you decided to jump off a cliff and dive into entrepreneurship. A year and a half later, you were $180,000 in debt.
  • Can you talk about that journey? Why did you decide to go when it would have been easier tostay? What made you not give up when you were $180k in debt? What have you learned since? What do you know now that you wish you had known when you jumped?
  • You’ve spent time with billionaires, what did you learn from them?
  • You’ve been a part of a ton of leadership development organizations and programs…what’s the most valuable part of these programs? What did they teach you?
  • Can you talk about Business Finishing school? What is it? How can people learn more about it?
  • Can you talk about failure? How do you respond to failure? How do you teach others to respond to it?
  • How do you manage your time? Can you talk about the rhythms in your life?  
  • From a business perspective, what do you wish people knew about what it took to get to where you’re at in this stage of your journey?
  • What’s the hardest part about leading at your level?


  • You started your first company when you were 13 years old, you’ve founded 20 companies since, what have you learned about entrepreneurship through your experience?
  • You define entrepreneurship as the ability to take responsibility for outcomes! That being the case, can everyone be an entrepreneur?
  • How can we encourage everyone to dream big and go for it?
  • What qualities do you look for in up and coming entrepreneurs?
  • Where do you see young leaders/entrepreneurs “missing it” most often?
  • If you could give young entrepreneurs/leaders  advice, what would it be?
  • Can you talk about the importance of getting feedback for your Dream/Business?
  • What are some ways listeners can get feedback for their dreams?
  • How do you recommend people getting over negative feedback about their idea?
  • What advice do you have on networking and pitching your idea to people that are able to help you with your idea?

Personal Questions:

  • Talk about the role mentoring plays in your life. Who have been some of your mentors, what did they teach you? Is mentoring something you intentionally pursue? If so, what do you do to pursue mentors?
  • What are you doing and what have you done to ensure you continue to grow and develop as a leader/entrepreneur?
  • What books do you find yourself giving away most often?
  • What are some of your daily disciplines and routines that help keep you as effective as possible?
  • What have you learned about failure?


  • Based on your experience personally and with young entrepreneurs, what have you learned about money that you wish everyone knew?

Closing Questions:

  • If you could go back and have coffee with your 20 year old self advice, what would you tell him?
  • What are you currently working on that you’re excited about and how can our audience serve you?
  • Out of everything you’ve accomplished in your life, what are you most proud of?
  • What do you want your legacy to be?
  • Who are some other great leaders that would be worth our time to meet and get to know?



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