In this episode, Doug interviews Carey Nieuwhof, Founder of Connexus Church and Host of the Carey Nieuwhof Leadership podcast. They talk about leadership, character development, podcasting, interviewing, and more.

About Carey Nieuwhof:

– He is the Founding Pastor of Connexus Church in Canada
– He is the host of one of the top Christian Leadership Podcasts in the world, The Carey Nieuwhof Leadership Podcast
– He has an incredible blog for leaders
– He’s written 3 books
– He has a course he recently started for leaders called the High Impact Leader Course
– He speaks all over the world



L3 Leadership Podcast Episode #134- Carey Nieuwhof on Leading Like Never Before

Watch the Interview:

Interview with Carey Nieuwhof on Leading Like Never Before from L3 Leadership on Vimeo.

Connect with Carey:

A few Key Takeaways:

  • Work twice as hard on your character as you do your competence. Tweet this! 
  • Pay close attention to the cracks in your character. Tweet this! 
  • Time multiplies your decisions. Tweet this!
  • As a driven leader, you will be tempted to think the rules don’t apply to you. They do. Tweet this! 

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