Episode 317: Ryan Hawk on The Pursuit of Excellence

By May 10, 2022Podcast

Ryan Hawk on The Pursuit of Excellence

In this episode of the L3 Leadership Podcast, Ryan Hawk talks about his new book, The Pursuit of Excellence. He discusses why he wrote this book, his process, and what he’s learned throughout his writing career.

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Key Takeaways:

  1. Ryan talks about how important having others involved providing feedback in the process of writing his books.
  2. He discusses the impact his Dad had on him growing up and today.
  3. He tells listeners what he’s learned about discipline.
  4. Ryan shares why he strives to include his voice in his work.
  5. He talks about the importance of spending time with his leadership groups in person.
  6. Ryan gives advice to other podcasters.

Resources Mentioned:

The Learning Leader Podcast

Todd Henry 

Adam Grant’s Twitter

About Ryan: Ryan Hawk is the host of The Learning Leader Show. He has recorded more than 475 episodes over the past 7 years. Ryan is the author of Welcome to Management: How To Grow From Top Performer To Excellent Leader. It sold through its first printing in eight hours and shot to the top of the Amazon rankings. Previously, Ryan worked in corporate America for 12 years. He started as an entry-level telephonic sales rep and worked my way to manager, director, and ultimately VP of sales for a multi-billion-dollar company. When he’s not recording podcasts or writing books,  try to help leaders be more effective. Some of the ways I do that: Leadership Circles, 1:1 advising, and teaching in The Learning Leader Academy (the online school he created). Ryan has delivered hundreds of keynote speeches on leadership and performance excellence all over the world.

Connect with Ryan: 

Website | LinkedIn | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook

Quotes from the Episode:

“I had to learn through making mistakes and learn by not really knowing what I was doing.”Click To Tweet
“Most good books are written because the author couldn’t help but want to write about that topic.”Click To Tweet
“Try to be thoughtful and helpful and be there for others.” Click To Tweet
“Consistency builds trust.”Click To Tweet

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