379: Andrew Reichert on Living with Intentionality: Entrepreneurship, Leadership, and Core Values

By July 18, 2023Podcast

Andrew Reichert on Living with Intentionality: Entrepreneurship, Leadership, and Core Values

In this episode of the L3 Leadership Podcast, Doug’s longtime friend Andrew Reichert talks about real estate investing, successful entrepreneurship, leadership, the importance of taking sabbaticals, and more!

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“Life is short. Live intentionally.” -Andrew Reichert

4 Key Takeaways:
1.Andrew provides insight into his journey from working for a company to starting his own company.
2. He defines what leadership means to him, and how to surround yourself with other leaders that can bring diversity to your organization.
3. Andrew talks about the importance of sabbaticals for him personally, and why he encourages his employees to take them as well.
4. We talk about the role of core values in shaping culture, and why a mission should transcend beyond money and self-interest.

About Andrew Reichert: Andrew is the CEO and founder of Birgo Realty, a Pittsburgh-based private equity real estate firm with 270 million dollars in assets under management in 2,800+ multi-family units.

Through Birgo Realty, he oversees a team of over 80 employees as they raise capital from investors as they purchase and manage multi-family residential real estate.

A passionate entrepreneur, Andrew has founded four companies and has been a part of several other startups. Additionally, he launched a nonprofit focused on financial literacy and is active in local nonprofits, including his church. 

Resources Mentioned:
Birgo Realty
Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki
7 Habits of Higly Effective People by Stephen Covey
Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh
Books by Michael Hyatt
The Predictive Index

Quotes from the Episode:

“What are you designed to do and how does that bring value to this world?” - Andrew ReichertClick To Tweet
“I think diversity is so important. Don’t surround yourself with people like yourself.” -Andrew ReichertClick To Tweet

“Life is short. Live intentionally.” -Andrew ReichertClick To Tweet

Connect with Andrew:
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