413: Anne Beiler, Founder of Auntie Anne’s Pretzels, on Overcoming Trauma and Finding Purpose in the Pain

By March 12, 2024Podcast

In this episode of the L3 Leadership Podcast, Anne Beiler joins Doug to discuss her upbringing, Auntie Anne’s, and shares advice with listeners who may be struggling on how she navigates life’s more difficult seasons.

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“I don’t have secrets anymore, I just bring them into the light.” – Anne Beiler

3 Key Takeaways:
1. Anne recounts her childhood growing up within the Amish community.
2. She shares how she came out of a difficult time in her life with guidance from The Holy Spirit.
3. Anne gives advice to others who may be struggling with feelings of depression or grief.

About Anne Beiler: Anne Beiler, raised in an Amish-Mennonite community, faced immense tragedy when her 19-month-old daughter died in a farming accident, leading her into darkness and depression. Her marriage with Jonas suffered, exacerbated by an abusive pastor. Seeking healing, they pursued counseling and reconciliation, birthing a vision to offer free counseling services. To support this vision, Anne bought a concession stand, which evolved into Auntie Anne’s, the world’s largest pretzel franchise. Despite her success, Anne battled depression, finding solace in sharing her story publicly. This act of confession liberated her and inspired her to help other women find similar freedom. In 2005, Anne sold Auntie Anne’s to pursue speaking engagements on leadership, purpose, and the power of confession.

Quotes from the Episode:

“There is no way to be well unless you tell. Unless you feel the pain of it all.” - Anne BeilerClick To Tweet
“I don’t have secrets anymore, I just bring them into the light.” - Anne BeilerClick To Tweet

Resources Mentioned:
The Secret Lies Within by Anne Beiler

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Website | Facebook | Instagram

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