409: Jade Warshaw on Getting out of $460,000 in Debt, Lessons Learned from Dave Ramsey, and How You Can Get Free Financially

By February 13, 2024Podcast

In this episode of the L3 Leadership Podcast, Jade Warshaw, a Ramsey personality, shares her journey to financial freedom and the importance of following the Baby Steps to get out of debt.

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“Preparation is a gift you give yourself.” -Jade Warshaw

4 Key Takeaways:
1. Jade discusses what the Baby Steps program is and how it can help in becoming debt-free.
2. She reflects on life after debt and building wealth.
3. Jade talks about her new book, Money Is Not a Math Problem.
4. She shares some of her experiences at Ramsey Solutions including her favorite Ramsey personality and the challenges and growth she’s encountered in her role.

About Jade: Jade Warshaw, hailing from a musical background, spent 15 years as a professional vocalist, touring 92 countries alongside her musician husband. However, their story took a sharp turn with nearly half a million dollars in debt. Marrying in 2007, they faced a staggering $280K in student loans, coupled with credit card debts and unaffordable assets. In 2008, discovering Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps, they embarked on a journey to financial freedom, taking up various jobs and even sharing their home with roommates. Despite financial strains, Jade prioritized quality meals, inspired by her childhood. Sharing recipes online, they built a community around debt-free living. In 2015, a debt-free business idea emerged, marking a turning point. By 2017, they celebrated paying off their last $91K student loan on The Ramsey Show, embracing parenthood thereafter. Today, Jade finds fulfillment at Ramsey Solutions, using her journey to inspire others toward financial independence, emphasizing that if they could overcome six-figure debt, anyone can.

Quotes from the Episode:

“Start layering up your skills so you can offer more to the marketplace and thereby earn more money.” -Jade WarshawClick To Tweet
“You do need help, there’s only so much you can do on your own.” - Jade WarshawClick To Tweet
“Preparation is a gift you give yourself.” -Jade WarshawClick To Tweet

Resources Mentioned:
Money Is Not a Math Problem by Jade Warshaw
Ramsey Solutions

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