406: Maggie Berghoff on Functional Medicine, Optimizing Your Health, and Raising Healthy Kids

By January 23, 2024Podcast

In this episode of the L3 Leadership Podcast, Maggie Berghoff joins us to share her wealth of knowledge on functional medicine and personalized health.

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You can always trust a natural product that is made with real foods and real ingredients.” – Maggie Berghoff

4 Key Takeaways:
1. We delve deep into the transformative power of lab testing and nutrition, where understanding and interpreting your personal health data becomes your superpower.
2. Maggie discusses the benefits of recognizing hormone imbalances and hidden health issues, opening up avenues to longevity and anti-aging that go far beyond what meets the eye.
3. She shares how maintaining a guilt-free relationship with your favorite indulgences can actually contribute to better physical and mental health.
4. Maggie talks about why navigating the supermarket aisles shouldn’t be a chore but an adventure in making informed choices.

About Maggie Berghoff: Maggie Berghoff is a visionary entrepreneur with multiple online companies dedicated to improving the well-being of individuals. The journey began as she ventured into the role of an online health consultant, evolving into a substantial educational platform offering published books, online programs, recommended products, and diverse services aimed at helping individuals achieve balance in their lives. In addition to her health-focused venture, Maggie has established a business consulting company. Through this endeavor, she has empowered thousands of emerging entrepreneurs, providing guidance in building, branding, marketing, and scaling their own online coaching businesses. Beyond the professional realm, Maggie gracefully balances the role of a devoted mother to three young children. Her commitment to health, entrepreneurship, and family exemplifies a holistic approach to a fulfilling and purposeful life.

Quotes from the Episode:

“You can always trust a natural product that is made with real foods and real ingredients.” - Maggie BerghoffClick To Tweet
“You got this.” - Maggie BerghoffClick To Tweet

Resources Mentioned:
Order Your Own Labs
Siete Foods
Simple Mills
MadeGood Foods
Lesser Evil Snacks
Eat to Treat by Maggie Berghoff
Yuka App

Connect with Maggie:
Website | Facebook | Instagram | Linkedin | TikTok


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