377: Zack Blair on The Father Code: Codes of a Connected Father

By July 4, 2023Podcast

Zack Blair on The Father Code: Codes of a Connected Father

In this episode of the L3 Leadership Podcast, Zack Blair joins Doug to discuss the vast terrains of fatherhood, its profound impact, and how Zack’s book can help shape better fathers.

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Lead your home right.” – Zack Blair

3 Key Takeaways:
1. We explore the essence of the Sabbath and how it can shape our children’s walk with God and family.
2. Zack shares his passion for adoption and fostering, his own journey within that, and offers practical advice for those considering this path.
3. He talks about effective discipline in parenting, and how discipline should bridge the gap between us and our children, not create a divide.

About Zack: Zack Blair attended Geneva college on a football scholarship. He served in Youth Ministry for many years. Zack and his wife Lauren established Hill City Church in Pittsburgh, PA five years ago. Additionally, Zack is the author of the book titled The Father Code.

Resources Mentioned:
The Father Code by Zack Blair

Quotes from the Episode:

“Lead your home right.” - Zack BlairClick To Tweet
“You've got to discipline with the best in mind for your son or daughter, and you've got to do it with the end result of being more connected with them.” - Zack BlairClick To Tweet

“Your connection with your kids is one of the most powerful connections in the world And you have a level of responsibility that comes with that.” - Zack BlairClick To Tweet

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