#294: Brian Tome on Failure, Leadership, and Focusing on Your Unique Calling


Brian Tome on Failure, Leadership, and Focusing on Your Unique Calling

Brian Tome is the founding and senior pastor of Crossroads Church, 2017’s fastest-growing church in America. He has authored four books, including the bestselling The Five Marks of a Man, and hosts the Aggressive Life Podcast. He has opened several other nonprofits and started Man Camp, a primitive weekend camping experience that has helped tens of thousands of men reclaim the code of manhood. As an avid adventure motorcyclist, Brian rides over tens of thousands of miles and camps more than 30 nights each year. He has also released an adventure ride TV show called Phantom Lake, which is available on Amazon Prime. He is married with three children and lives in Cincinnati, OH.

Today, Brian shares his story, and we discuss it in the context of our mentor Denny Pattyn, a previous guest on the show who brought Brian to Christ. Brian talks about his experience being adopted and shares his thoughts on leadership. He offers his insights on failure, discusses character development, and explains why it’s so important to focus on your own unique ministry.

“You need to find out what your ministry is and fulfill your ministry and be open to other people misunderstanding it and not supporting it.”

– Brian Tome

Key Takeaways this week on the L3 Leadership Podcast:

● The importance of investing in young leaders, even when you don’t see their potential

● How being adopted affected Brian’s spiritual story

● The role of music in worship

● Brian’s insights on failure

● Focusing on your ministry

● What it means to put your hand on the plow

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