#282: Why Health and Fitness Need to Matter to You in Your Leadership Journey

By August 2, 2021Podcast, Blog

Why Health and Fitness Need to Matter to You in Your Leadership Journey

We live in a culture where people spend their health trying to make money, and then they spend all their money that they earned trying to buy back their health – and it’s not working. It’s hard to prioritize your health and fitness, but it’s necessary – not just for you but for all of the people who need your leadership.

Today, I talk about the importance of health and fitness. I talk about why it matters and I share the story of my personal journey. I share the practical things that I’ve implemented in my life that I think you’ll find helpful. I share my definitions of health and fitness, I talk about the importance of focusing on what’s in your control (thereby reducing the risk of contracting health problems that are out of your control), and I offer four key takeaways.

“If you don’t start where you are, you’re gonna stay where you are.” – Doug Smith

Key Takeaways this week on the L3 Leadership Podcast:

●       You have to get a personal vision for your health and fitness.

●       You have to discover the price you’ll need to pay to optimize your health and fitness

●       You have to make that price the new standard in your life

●       Never give up

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●       P90X

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