#266: How To Effectively Lead Your Family Team with Jeremy Pryor

By October 10, 2020Podcast

In this episode of the L3 Leadership Podcast, Doug Smith interviews Jeremy Pryor, Founder of Family Teams and several other businesses and non-profit organizations. Jeremy shares timely insight on how to lead your family team effectively.


Jeremy met his wife April in Jerusalem in 1997 when they were students. They’ve spent the last 20 years building Team Pryor together. The have five kids: Kelsey, Jackson, Sydney, Elisa, and Kaira. They live in a multigenerational house with Jeremy parents and April’s mom in Fort Thomas, KY just a few miles from Cincinnati, Ohio. They’ve founded and lead several businesses and non-profits including Epipheo (a video production agency) Just Sew (a quilt shop), FamilyTeams.com (training content for families) 1000 Houses (a network of Cincinnati disciple-making households) and The Story-Formed Life (a discipleship training resource). For fun the Pryors study Hebrew, take groups to Israel (join us), enjoy deep conversation over great food and read Tolkien by firelight.


1. Family Teams is an organization that seeks to restore the Biblical blueprint of family.

Culture redefined family and the church went along. Now the family unit is suffering. Family Teams wants to change that and restore the Biblical model of family.

2. Jeremy shares their sabbath

The family meal (Shabbat) is a kick-off to our sabbath. Jeremy shares, in-depth, their sabbath meal, and how it’s created a lasting and impactful family tradition. 

3. What does Sabbath look like for you?

“The goal of sabbath is to find your off button” - Jeremy PryorClick To Tweet

It’s not easy to rest. It takes work and intentionality to take a full day off and not do things that feel like work. The important thing is to know that it takes time to find your “off-button”.

4. Jeremy talks about the 7 Day Rhythm. 

Families in America are burnt-out. We need a restrain & framework for our family unit that helps them sustain effectiveness. God gave us the “Week” as that framework.

Learning how to manage your week, one day at a time, is God’s model for your family. It happens through week by week planning and coordination. Each week is set up by a weekly family Team Meeting. 

“Many family problems are the accumulation of broken systems.” - Jeremy PryorClick To Tweet

5. Family is defined as a multigenerational team on mission.

There has to be clarity around the mission of your family, so that there is a sense of purpose in your family.

It’s not family as the mission… It’s family on mission. In the end, we have to realize that it’s not about us and that we live for something greater.

6. Reward. Correction. Discipline. 

This is the way the adult works. Our adult lives are ordered by this process. Why, then, do we try to raise our kids without these three important elements. There’s a skill to training and raising children. We should be devoted to sharpening that skill. 

7. Lead Your Family.

My hope is that fathers and mothers would see themselves as the heads of their families. You don’t leave your family when you go to work. You represent your family and you lead your family in your actions away from your family. 





“Many family problems are the accumulation of broken systems.” - Jeremy PryorClick To Tweet
“The goal of sabbath is to find your off button” - Jeremy PryorClick To Tweet



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Doug is the Director of Development at Light of Life Rescue Mission and Founder and CEO of L3 Leadership. He is the author of his eBook, “Making the Most of Mentoring”, a step by step guide to help you build and cultivate relationships with mentors. He blogs at dougsmithlive.com, he is the host of the L3 Leadership podcast, and he is sought after public speaker.  He is married to his high school sweetheart, Laura, who currently works as an Account Executive at Ivalua. Together, they love family, personal growth, travel, working out, and serving others.


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