223: From Being an Orphan and Homeless to Creating, Scaling and Selling Multi-Million Dollar Businesses with Jason Wolfe

By May 24, 2019Podcast

In this episode, Jason Wolfe, CEO of Wolfe, LLC shares his story of how he went from being an orphan and homeless to creating, scaling, and selling multiple multi-million dollar businesses.

Jason Wolfe, CEO of Wolfe, LLC

Jason Wolfe, CEO of Wolfe, LLC

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Jason Wolfe is an American businessman and entrepreneur who is the founder of Wolfe, LLC, Pittsburgh’s leading technology incubator and investor. Jason is also the Chairman of the Board of the Pittsburgh Technology Council – which has over 1,000 technology related member companies employing over 30% of Pittsburgh’s workforce.

Wolfe has appeared on the MSNBC program, Morning Joe and has been profiled in Entrepreneur and Fortune (among other publications). In 2015, Wolfe was awarded a Diamond Award from the Pittsburgh Business Times and named Tech CEO of the Year by the Pittsburgh Technology Council.


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