217: How I Get Things Done & Stay Motivated with Doug Smith

By February 11, 2019Podcast

In this episode, you’ll hear L3 Leadership Founder, Doug Smith, share how he gets things done and stays motivated.

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L3 Leadership Podcast Episode #217_ How I Get Stuff Done and Stay Motivated (1)

L3 Leadership Podcast Episode #217_ How I Get Stuff Done and Stay Motivated (1)

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Doug is the Director of Development at Light of Life Rescue Mission, a non-profit that helps the homeless, in Pittsburgh, PA. He is the Founder of L3 Leadership, a company that connects and develops leaders through training, events, mastermind groups, and membership. He is also the host of the L3 Leadership podcast, where he has interviewed world-class leaders such as Dr. Henry Cloud, Dr. Les Parrott, Liz Wiseman, Mike Tomlin, and many others. He is married to his high school sweetheart, Laura. Together, they love family, personal growth, travel, working out, and serving others.





  • Wake up to the Reality that this is the Only Life You Get
  • “Everybody knows they’re going to die, but nobody believes it. If we did, we would do things differently. -Morrie Schwartz
  • Be a Student of Time Management
  • Always be Adapting
  • When You’ve Reached Your Capacity – Get Help!
  • Get a Vision for Your Life and Create a Life Plan
  • Set Your Annual Goals Based on Your Life Plan
  • Goal Tips: 
    • Write your top ten goals out in your journal every week.
    • Write about why you want to accomplish them! The more reasons you have to do something, the more likely you are to do it!
    • Make sure you’re including next steps in your weekly to-do lists that will move the ball forward in each area.
    • Write down your reward – Decide how you will celebrate once you achieve your goals!
    • Share Your Goals with Others 
  • Plan Your Day:
    • Write out your appointments/review your calendar
    • Write down your to-do list for the day
    • Determine your top 3 priorities
      • Eat that frog – do these first
    • Don’t go to bed until you’ve accomplished your priorities
  • Schedule Everything!
    • The question isn’t will your calendar be full, the question is, who will fill your calendar?
    • Schedule 3 hours of execution time on your goals!
  • Do a Weekly Review:
    • Record your top 3-5 Biggest Wins from Last Week
    • Ask: What progress did I make on the top 3 priorities I had last week?
    • Ask: What worked and what didn’t?
    • Ask: What will you keep, improve, start, or stop doing based on the above?
    • List sweep – review your to-do list and see what needs carried over.
    • Record any major events, deadlines, and tasks for the week ahead.
    • Set your top 3 priorities for the upcoming week
    • Have a weekly Staff Meetings with Your Spouse
  • How do you stay motivated?
    • Create a personal growth plan and do something every day to grow in the areas you’d like to grow in.
    • Join a mastermind group
    • Review your goals weekly
    • Review your progress and be grateful for it
    • Work out and eat healthily
    • Pray and stay connected with God
    • Remember that life is short, but it’s also long. We often overestimate what we can do in a year, but underestimate what we can do in a decade. Just keep growing.