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Group Description:

This is a group for women small-business owners.

Meet The Facilitator:

Melanie Mitro

Melanie Mitro is the Co-Ceo of Chic Influencer and Chic Way Media.
  • 10+ years of experience in growing, developing and leading a top producing organization in direct sales.
  • Served on the Coach Advisory Board for Team Beachbody for 4 years.
  • Grew and scaled a multi-million dollar business in direct sales through online marketing (Facebook, Instagram, Blogging, Email Marketing and Ad campaigns).
  • Public speaker on topics such as leadership, time management/productivity, and social media marketing.
  • Co-Owner of Chic Influencer, a company that provides private business coaching, online courses, community and mentorships to business owners.
  • Podcast host of Women Inspiring Women and Make Chic Happen
  • Co-Author of the Make Chic Happen Planner and Time Blocker
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Executive Women’s Mastermind Group Description:

Women’s Small Business Owner’s Mastermind Group Description: 

The women’s small business mastermind was created for the individual who is seeking out elevated conversation, accountability towards their 2022 goals and collaboration between other high achieving business owners in the local area.  

As the facilitator, I am committed to creating a customized approach to each mastermind session that will leave you feeling empowered and excited about taking action towards your goals.

Each session will have space to talk about progress towards your goals, troubleshooting of key challenges you are facing and a focus topic that helps you to continue to show up as your best and most authentic self in both your career and personal life.

As the facilitator, my goal is to walk alongside you over the next 12 months as a mentor and friend to support your vision and help you take steps to achieve that vision.

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Panera Bread in Wexford


3rd Friday of every month from 12-2pm

Launch Date

January 25th


$200/month or $2,200/year if paid upfront

What are L3 Mastermind Groups?

Small Groups of 8-12 leaders.

Meeting every other week for 1.5 hours

Leadership development through mutual accountability.

Greg Furer

"Being in a Mastermind Group has helped me become a better husband, father, and leader. I became a facilitator to serve others and help change their lives.

Little did I know that my life would be the one that was changed by the men in my group.

In addition to developing leadership skills from facilitating you will learn from the members you serve."

-Greg Furer, CEO of Beratung Advisors