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Meet The Facilitators

Sarah King and Beverly Rogers

Women’s Personal and Professional Leadership Mastermind

Do you have desires and goals you want to achieve, but you don’t know where to start?  Are you feeling stuck?  Like you’re always busy but accomplishing little?  Research indicates the most successful factors to implementing lasting change, especially when previous attempts faltered, are accountability and support .

This group is for women emerging as leaders, ready to take charge of their life and make tangible progress on their goals as they navigate the waters of balancing work, family, and all of life’s challenges.

By joining forces with like-minded women in this group, you can expect to:

  1. Be intentional about planning your life and setting goals: health, family/friends, spiritual growth, work/career, financial, bucket list
  2. Develop and grow with support and accountability in a trusted community where your desires and struggles can be expressed, understood, and processed
  3. Weed out distractions to focus your time and energy on what matters to you
  4. Uncover what’s holding you back, breaking through barriers to move forward
  5. Navigate stressful triggers, retraining your thinking to adopt healthy strategies for success
  6. Form authentic, genuine, life-long relationships while strengthening your faith 

To develop as a professional leader, it is imperative that we lead ourselves on a personal level first.  No matter your sphere of influence, using who you are now and what you have now, you can begin to transform your mindset to set a new trajectory for your life.  You’ll have a valuable community of support walking through the journey alongside you and have fun in the process. As you invest in yourself and focus not only on what you are doing but who you are becoming…you can be the leader that lives within YOU!

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More About Sarah and Beverly

Sarah: As a Practice Manager of Beratung Advisors, Sarah leads her team with process improvement and oversight striving to make each advisor’s practice more efficient and empower her team to have great success and impact more lives.
Sarah has over 9 years of client service experience in the financial services industry, serving in various sales roles and most recently in leadership with Beratung Advisors.
Sarah grew up in Greensburg, graduating from Hempfield Area High School. Sarah and her husband, Devin, reside in Penn Township with their dogs, Sarge and Lou. In her free time, Sarah volunteers with a local animal rescue, spends time with friends and family and attends Pittsburgh sporting events.
Beverly: After working as a Scientist & Technical Lead for 12 years, Beverly transitioned to her current role as R&D Operations Manager of Defense and Technologies at Teledyne FLIR. She focuses on developing people to maximize their potential and implements processes to improve operational efficiency while also functioning as a Project Manager.  This career shift aligned Beverly with her passion for equipping others with a mindset to achieve personal and professional success.
Leading behavioral change and women’s leadership groups, Beverly has extensive experience empowering women to become more effective in building their vision through focus and self-awareness. After overcoming personal hardship, Beverly’s relationship with God became the central core of her life.
She enjoys coming alongside others who desire to grow in faith and approaches her teaching from both science and Kingdom principles. Born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA, Beverly is a former Division-1 athlete, soon to be Certified Personal Trainer, health enthusiast & writer, and enjoys unleashing creativity through fashion.  A proud Aunt of 5 nephews and a niece, she also enjoys spending time with family and friends, hiking, learning, and volleyball.



2 Thursdays per month from 7am-8:30am


$200/month or $2,200/year if paid upfront

What are L3 Mastermind Groups?

Small Groups of 8-12 leaders.

Meeting every other week for 1.5 hours

Leadership development through mutual accountability.

Greg Furer

"Being in a Mastermind Group has helped me become a better husband, father, and leader. I became a facilitator to serve others and help change their lives.

Little did I know that my life would be the one that was changed by the men in my group.

In addition to developing leadership skills from facilitating you will learn from the members you serve."

-Greg Furer, CEO of Beratung Advisors