Meet The Facilitator

Phetso Ntsowe

Phetso Ntsowe is the Founder and CEO of Rise & Reach, a Learning and Development company that works with individuals and teams to enhance interpersonal effectiveness and create cultures that maximize employee potential to drive peak performance and profitability.

Phetso is an experienced banking and financial professional with over 10 years’ experience within the industry. She has completed several qualifications that include Strategic Business Management, Digital Transformation Strategy for Business Leaders, Corporate Banking Relationship Management, and Bachelor’s Degree in Business Information Systems. She is a certified Maxwell coach and currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Business Analytics.

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Welcome to Women Rising

Women Rising Mastermind is a group of dedicated women who share and support each other through the challenges of personal and professional growth. It provides a mutually beneficial source of inspiration, information, and collaboration for all of the members. Your mastermind members listen to your questions, offer their advice, and help you find solutions. Then, when your problem is resolved, you turn and listen to theirs. This is the essence of a mastermind.

This group of peers meet regularly and are focused on leveraging the power of many minds coming together for a single purpose—to foster personal and professional growth and development, drive results, and realize the attainment of your goals through accountability.

In fact, joining a mastermind gets you out of your own box and helps you find answers faster than you would on your own. Far more than a typical network, a mastermind is your inner circle-your A team.


Virtual sessions via Zoom


Saturday’s Once a Month: 3:00 PM – 4:30 PM


$200/month or $2,200/year if paid upfront

Reach Your Greatest Potential

Are you ready to go above and beyond to identify the limitations that are holding you back, create solutions, and take action to raise the bar in your life? Is it time to step-up, lean-in and break-through your own glass ceiling to enjoy the results of your transformation?

Women Rising brings together 8-10 non-competitive women to share ideas and tackle challenges in a confidential and safe environment.


What is included?

  • Weekly group 60-minute mastermind virtual sessions where you bring your current challenges or area of focus forward and access insights, feedback, encouragement, and accountability from your fellow team members and the facilitator. Our focus is on critical leadership competencies.
  • Fortnightly private session with Phetso for an hour
  • Access to a private Facebook group for the implementation and follow-through of your weekly goals
  • Weekly bite-sized top tips by email
  • Access to an award-winning e-learning platform packed with resources, exercises, worksheets and more for self-directed learning and action.
  • Executable development plan – Build a development plan with an experienced leadership coach so you close competency gaps
  • Unlimited email and private message access to the coach so you are able to check in whenever you need quick feedback and support.
  • Goodie bag *Domestic only


Who is this for?

  • You are seeking to get out of your comfort zone, interact with peers who have complimentary skills and fresh perspective to help you identify, create and capitalize on new opportunities.
  • You appreciate the value that comes from discussion and contribution.
  • You are seeking leadership development and mindset support to build your confidence.
  • You want to master goal setting and taking action and responsibility.
  • You want to create more focus to your life.
  • You are ready to dedicate yourself to making a shift from the ordinary to the extraordinary.
  • You are committed to personal development and want to accelerate your personal development.


Why should you join Women Rising?

  • Meet women who are facing or have faced similar challenges and opportunities. This peer group gives you a safe and confidential space to ask for help, celebrate your success and learn from other shared experiences.
  • With a peer group of non-competitive members, you will have the opportunity to expand your network.
  • You will learn from shared experiences and others past mistakes to help you navigate your growth plan.
  • Identify your weaknesses. Sharing your leadership journey with a peer group will help you identify blind spots before they become problems.
  • Within the peer group, each member acts as an accountability partner for the group’s other members. You will get the support you need to get through challenging periods.
  • Fast track your leadership development by being in touch with others who have faced similar challenges and achieved similar goals. You will be exposed to issues you may face in the future equipping you with the knowledge you need to grow and succeed.
  • You connect the action steps needed to achieve your goal to measure your progress and keep you on track with positive habit changes.


Our commitment to you!

We will provide you with inspiration and accountability. We will conduct structured gatherings and teach you how to be an effective individual. In between the gatherings, you will be able to see and track your intention progress and will encourage you online. All of our online workshops and thought leader conversations are designed to provide you with the skills and insights you need to realize your intentions.

Once you join, commitment is the glue that holds us together. Your attendance, active participation and confidentiality is critical to your our success.

What are L3 Mastermind Groups?

Small Groups of 8-12 leaders.

Meeting every other week for 1.5 hours

Leadership development through mutual accountability.

Greg Furer

"Being in a Mastermind Group has helped me become a better husband, father, and leader. I became a facilitator to serve others and help change their lives.

Little did I know that my life would be the one that was changed by the men in my group.

In addition to developing leadership skills from facilitating you will learn from the members you serve."

-Greg Furer, CEO of Beratung Advisors